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Boot Camp Abs

by FitBoot creator
Charla McMillian

Boot Camp
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Boot Camp Abs: Get Rock-hard Abs with Former Marine Captain Charla Mcmillian

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The best basic fitness training parogram . .. anywhere.

WELCOME to the
FitBoot Command Post!

Voted one of the Top 10 Best Boot Camps in the S.F. Bay area 2nd Best Boot camp program in Alameda County (2013)!!

S.F. BayList 2013 Bay Area's Best
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Voted 4 Stars for customer service Awarded 2014 Best of Alameda - Sports and Fitness




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to work on your basic fitness skills in a class?

FitBoot Personal Training
In person in the S.F. Bay Area.
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Discipline. Structure. Accountability. RESULTS!

FitBoot offers your area's best basic fitness training regardless of your ability to moive like you used to.
FitBoot brings you the most efficient, effective professionally accepted training protocols for weight loss, complete fitness, and skill and performance improvement.

  • realistically military-styled accountability
  • legitimate and sustainable weight loss, muscle building, sport improvement, and self-esteem
  • true core conditioning for all ability levels
  • the same strength and conditioning training protocols and nutrition
  • information recognized by professional athletes, sports teams and military elite.

The last time you "try" to get in shape

What Is FitBoot?

Designed and introduced in 1997 in New England by former Marine Corps Capt. Charla McMillian, J.D., CSCS, FitBoot brings you the absolute best in fitness training to San Francisco's East Bay (Alameda)

FitBoot received extensive national and local media coverage as the nation's only boot camp fitness program that balanced:

  • realistic military attitude and leadership
  • consistently implemented and updated training methods and standards endorsed by the nation's only distinguished strength and conditioning certifying organizations (NSCA and ACSM)
  • and creation/supervision by a female former Marine Corps officer

    Click here to read some of our client testimonials and excerpts from our media reviews.

    Or check out the day-by-day FitBoot boot camp journal that two HardChargers maintained during their Recruit training a few years ago. Enlightening, entertaining AND they're in great shape now!

    The program is suitable for beginners through experienced athletes, young adults through seniors who are:
    • in good health, and
    • understand and respect the need to maintain their good health and functional movement regardless of their movement ability

    How does the program work?

    Withemonthly enrollment for the weekday morning classes.

  • Your attendance will be expected at each class
    And, yes, we'll check up on you if you start missing classes.
  • Typical Recruit class sessions include basics and essentials to improve functional movement, strength, agility, and confidence.
    • basic muscular movement and control
    • short distance walking when possible, and/or
    • stretching
    all designed to improve your upper and lower body strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, agility, and mental focus.

  • You will be briefed on - and learn to implement - basic nutrition information for lifestyle, performance and appearance improvement.

Where and When do I Report?

Location Training Days FitBoot Roll Call
Alameda, CA Mon.-Thurs. 0900
(9:00 am)

FitBoot training is conducted outdoors - rain, snow, sleet, or heat with safety always the top priority (so you will be advised for the rare days when Mother Nature requires that we stand down)

How Will FitBoot Help Me?

  • Positive changes in your energy level, self-confidence, and fitness everyday performance.
  • Fat loss, lean muscular maintenance and development, and coordination andconfidence for as long as you train with us.
  • In FitBoot's completely interactive classes offer no boredom or chance to cheat yourself (you'll never half-step).
  • And with no more than 15 new Recruits in each entering squad, you cannot hide in the back of the class!

This is the difference you've been looking for.
Whether your ability to move athletically has been compromised by injury, illness, or age, we'll make sure you understand how to achieve your fitness goals -
and stick to accomplising them!

What's the bottom line?

(Rates in effect through 6/30/14)
The cost for FitBoot is&70.00/month

Discounts are available for:

  • Retirees from:
    • government employment;
    • law enforcement,
    • fire department,
    • military;
  • Kaiser Permanente healthcare members, and
  • Blue Cross members
  • Agreeing to 3 months or longer training plan.


email: fitboot@fitboot.c om
phone: 1-855-FITBOOT

Latest Tactical Update: 1/27/2014

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*note: Neither the information on this page nor the FitBoot training curriculum has been reviewed or approved by the USMC or the Department of Defense
For boot camp course information, to schedule a personal training appointment, or for comments on this web page:
email: fitboot@fitboot.c om
or call: 1-855-FITBOOT



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