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Welcome Aboard,!

Congratulations on your decision to stop "trying" and start achieving your fitness goals.

If you prefer to sign up the old fashioned way - with hard copy paperwork and payment by check, cash, or money order - just give us a call at 1-855- FITBOOT or email us at fitboot@fitboot.com, and we'll get you squared away.


Recruits may enlist in any squad through the first week of training ONLY.
If it is now later than the final day of the first week of training for the current Recruit session, you will be automatically registered for the next start date of your selected course.

To complete your enlistment online: Click on the appropriate Enlist Now button below for either FitBoot - Basic Training recruit courses

OR One-to-One Training including FitbyFone

You will be walked through 4 steps to complete your enlistment:

  • Complete your paperwork online (Steps 1-3).

    Please read and complete all 3 forms.

  • Step 4: Make your payment, via credit card, online.

    Choose "FitBoot -Basic Training" to secure your spot in the next FitBoot squad.
    Choose "One-to-One/FitByFone" to purchase your personal training package

    Please note: you may pay by credit card online at any time before your class start date (or first training session) or you may submit check or money order by mail before your start date. HOWEVER, your FitBoot enlistment is confirmed only when paid, so when your squad reaches the capacity of 15 (paid) Recruits, enlistment will be closed.

FitBoot Courses
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You will receive confirmation email:
  • when we receive your online paperwork;
  • when we receive your payment; and
  • (for personal training clients), to notify you that it's time to schedule your first session.

Prepare to achieve your fitness goals!

You've made the choice,

Come make the change

If you have questions, call us at 1-855-FITBOOT or email right now fitboot@fitboot.com