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No more fads. No more diets. No more wishing.

If you are one of the more than 26% of Americans who are significantly overweight, then you have probably already TRIED most of the quick-fix scams, diet fads, and badly designed exercise programs advertised or available in your local area.

They didn't work. If you're ready to stop TRYING and get back to the common sense and disciplined work that yield success, then you're ready for. . . FitBoot: S.O.S.

FitBoot: Special Operations Squad is the specialized version of your area's original and only authentic boot camp fitness training program created by former Marine Corps Capt. Charla McMillian.

S.O.S. provides the structure, education, motivation, peer support, and ability-appropriate training you need.
NOTE: If you need to lose less than about 60 pounds to reach your recommended target weight or are seeking basic fitness training, please refer to the main page for information on the standard
FitBoot: Basic Training program.

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FitBoot: S.O.S. provides structured, disciplined, military-styled, total fitness training in a team-oriented motivating atmosphere for the special population of Recruits who weigh more than 60 pounds over their recommended target bodyweight and who are ready to commit to lifestyle and training changes for better health, performance, appearance, and self-esteem.


  • Recruits may be male or female adults (mature adolescents will be accepted on a case by case basis)
  • Must weigh minimum 60 pounds over recommended bodyweight for height and gender OR be severely limited in overall mobility because of prior injury or age
  • Must be in general good health
  • Must have sufficient physical mobility to stand, walk, bend at the torso, and reach overhead
  • Must have a desire to improve health, physique, fitness, and lifestyle


  • Recruits will complete a Fitness Assessment during the first training session. Assessments are designed to determine that the Recruit is in good health and capable of completing basic movements. (Should any Recruit be incapable of performing basic movements or report injuries or conditions that would make participation in the program hazardous for the Recruit, the enlistment fee will be refunded and the Recruit will be instructed to seek medical care until he or she is cleared for training).
  • FitBoot: S.O.S. Recruits enlist for 8 weeks of Phase One Training conducted Monday through Friday mornings in Alameda. Upon completion of Phase One, Recruits will be invited to re-enlist monthly in Phase Two Training until they are ready to graduate to the standard FitBoot program (or any other activities).

    Training Overview:

    • Phase One: You will spend 8 weeks learning the basic exercises, daily commitment, behavior modifications, and mental and physical discipline that will help you achieve your fitness goals. To graduate Phase One, you must have consistent class attendance, incorporate fundamental nutrition and training habits into your daily life, and demonstrate basic proficiency on the Phase One Physical Readiness Test ("PRT").

    • Phase One training includes:
    • Upper and lower body strength development through partial-bodyweight exercises and low/non-impact calisthenics
    • Muscular and cardiovascular endurance training through close order drill, marches, and low/non-impact calisthenics
    • Flexibility and agility improvement through stretching and structurally appropriate drills
    • Instruction in and reinforcement of sound basic nutrition information including customized, individual nutrition recommendations, to ensure successful fat loss, physique development, and performance and lifestyle improvement.
  • Phase Two. You will train consistently month by month to improve your skills and physique. You will track your progress by taking either the Phase One or the more advanced Phase Two PRT, as appropriate. When you pass the Phase Two PRT, you will be invited to enter the standard FitBoot program to move faster, reach farther, look better, and feel more confident than you probably EVER have before.
    Phase Two training includes:
    • Continued emphasis on mental and physical commitment to fitness-for-life
    • Continued strength, endurance, and flexibility/agility improvements through more challenging partial-bodyweight exercises, low/non-impact calisthenics,
    • Consistent monitoring of nutrition habits, lifestyle improvements, and training and body composition progress


  • PHASE ONE: 8 weeks - $450.00
  • PHASE TWO: $80/month (discounts available for longer term commitments as well as govt. employees, etc.)


Challenges are Temporary. . .

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