Alex Morris

Hi! I’m Alex Morris

I’m a fitness instructor. I’ve been training fitness enthusiasts to reach their fitness goals for more than 10 years now. 

Aside from helping build a strong physique, my trainees also usually ask me about nutrition guides, gym equipment recommendations, among others. 

These kinds of specific information can’t be easily found on the internet. That’s why in line with our mission to provide accessible and science-backed information, we, together with other trainers, launched Fitboot. 

We are and will always be thrilled to share with you our years of training experience and very excited to hear how our blog can give you a sense of confidence, sexiness, and strength to keep you going!


Alex Morris


Our mission is simple–to provide everyone with evidence-based advice and information straight from the pool of experts to guide and help reach their fitness goals.


We aspire to be the leading fitness and health-related blog that offers free resources for everyone who wishes to start their wellness journey.

Fitboot's Editorial Team