Weight benches are essential for any home gym. Without them, you can’t perform quite a few exercises and may not reach your full fitness potential. To help you choose the best adjustable weight bench for your situation, we reviewed many of the most popular options on the market. The Bowflex SelectTech 5.1s Adjustable Bench is the best option for most customers. This bench has 6 different adjustments, making it one of the most versatile ones out there. 

Fitboot came up with the list of the best adjustable weight bench, the list is broken down into categories that can help you choose the most suitable weight bench for you.

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1s – Best Overall

What we like

  • Extra decline position support
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • 6 different adjustable angles

What we don’t like

  • The large gap between the top and bottom pads

For the ultimate adjustable bench, this is the one to get. It has 6 different adjustable angles, allowing you to select the perfect option for your workout. It also folds away for secure storage and has wheels for quick transport. It is constructed with heavy-duty, commercial steel, so you can rest assured that it can withstand tough workouts.

We particularly liked that it has a removable, leg-hold down brace, which provides some much-needed incline decline position support. If you plan on using the decline position a lot, this is a huge plus.

This heavy-duty workout bench is for any customer who wants the best of the best. It has all the features you need, without the fluff that you don’t. It is also quite inexpensive compared to some products, making it a solid choice for most budgets bench press.

Cap Barbell Flat/Incline/Decline Bench – Best Budget

What we like

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy assembly
  • T-shaped feet

What we don’t like

  • Made with some sub-par materials
  • Very short warranty period

If you need to stick to your strict budget, this exercise bench by CAP Barbell is the one you should get. It is far cheaper than many other options, allowing even those with stringent budgets to purchase it. Despite the low price, though, it can be adjusted in a flat, incline, and decline positions which is great for its price.

It accommodates a wide range of fitness exercises thanks to its simplistic design making it an excellent addition to any home gym. It is made of heavy-duty quality rubber and sits on a steel tube frame covered in PVC, which provides a clean finish. This material was not as high-quality as some of the other products we reviewed but would work for most customers who want to purchase an affordable bench press.

It does require some assembly upon delivery, but this was not very difficult. It weighs only 26 pounds, so you should be able to put it together by yourself. This workout bench has cleverly designed feet that add some extra stability, which is an added bonus on any exercise bench.

FlyBird Weight Bench – Best Heavyweight Support

What we like

  • Huge weight capacity
  • Foldable for storage
  • Leather seat
  • 7 back positions

What we don’t like

  • The bench is shorter than other options
  • Awkward decline positions

If you’re lifting quite a bit of weight, you need a weight bench that can support you. Surprisingly, some workout benches have a low weight capacity, which makes it unsafe to lift heavy weights while using them. Luckily, the Flybird weight bench is different. It has a 620 pounds weight capacity – one of the largest in the industry. This allows you to lift very heavy while using this adjustable workout bench.

To support all this weight, this workout bench is built with commercial steel, which has passed thousands of weight tests to ensure safety. It is designed with a unique, triangular structure, allowing it to hold more weight than other benches. Whether, on a flat incline position, it can still support the best weight possible. Plus, it also is padded with 2 inches of soft foam. This extra padding helps keep you comfortable while you’re lifting heavy. This padding is also designed not to crack or break, which is a common problem for other benches.

This adjustable bench also folds up for easy storage, so you don’t have to dedicate tons of permanent space. It easily fits underneath a bed or in a corner when not in use. Upon delivery, it requires absolutely no assembly and just needs to be unfolded. Because this company believes so much in their bench’s durability, they offer a 1-year warranty on the frame and a 30-day warranty on the padding itself.

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench – Best Comfort

What we like

  • Deluxe upholstery
  • Adjustable up to 6 positions
  • Can connect to many machines

What we don’t like

  • The back seat could be a bit stronger

The back of this bench can be adjusted into 6 various positions, and the seat can be adjusted into 3 different positions as well. This broad range of options provides every user with the perfect spot for nearly every workout out there. If you’re on the taller or shorter side, this bench’s adjustability will allow you to find angles that work for you – which is not necessarily the case with other benches. The seat pad and back pad are both made with thick, high-density foam, ensuring that you’re comfortable during your workouts.

The whole bench folds up for easy storage and comes with transport wheels on one side. It even comes with a handle for easy transportation. This feature is excellent for those who don’t have permanent space and prefer to store their bench away when they aren’t using it.  One of the best features this bench has is its high-quality upholstery and powder-coated steel. The bench is made out of foam that is covered with black and white upholstery.

Fitness Reality 1000 Weight Bench – Best Wide Bench​

What we like

  • Huge weight capacity
  • Folds for storage
  • Legs and back are separately adjustable

What we don’t like

  • Some reports of residue on the seat – it can be removed with rubbing alcohol

Whether you have broad shoulders or just prefer wider benches, this is an excellent option for you. This bench features an upgraded, 12-inch backrest, which is larger than most other options out there. This bench is very comfortable when compared to some others, though it does take up a little bit more space.

Overall, it can hold up to 800 pounds – far more than most products on the market. This allows practically anyone to lift heavy on this bench. The front legs can be adjusted into different positions, and the backrest can be adjusted into 6 different positions. The frame itself is made out of powder-coated tubular steel, which is both strong and durable.

For storage, the whole thing can be folded up similarly to an ironing board. It also has transport wheels to make moving it in and out of storage easier. The bench only weighs a total of 35 pounds, so you should have no difficulty moving it around as necessary.  This bench is also decently inexpensive compared to many of the others we looked at – especially for the amount of weight it can hold. There is a small amount of assembly required when you first get this bench. However, it takes only a few minutes and comprises about 3 steps.

Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench – Best Multi-Purpos

What we like

  • Comes with detachable resistance bands
  • Comfortable
  • 7 different positions

What we don’t like

  • Foot supports could be more comfortable

This multi-purpose bench has 7 different backrest positions – more than any other bench we reviewed. You can do practically any exercise with this bench, including sit-up exercises, dumbbell rows, and band chest presses. It allows you to work out nearly any muscle group, making it one of the most multi-purposes benches we reviewed. If you plan on using your bench for many different exercises especially at your home gym, this one’s for you.

It is made of high-density, padded foam, providing comfort while you workout. The foam is covered in PU leather and isn’t too stiff, which is a problem we’ve found with other workout benches. It can handle up to 330 pounds thanks to its support pipes. That isn’t the highest amount of weight we’ve seen, though it should still be enough for most users.

To make things even better, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you decide to return the bench within 30 days. This offer made it the best weight bench for your total body workout. The bench also features soft foam foot supports for incline decline exercises, though we believe the supports could have been more comfortable. A few different customers reported bruising their shins with the supports. You also get detachable resistance bands with your order, which allows you to perform some exercises without any weights at all.

Body Champ Olympic Bench – Best Competition

What we like

  • Compatible with most 6’ and 7’ bars
  • Many different accessories included
  • 7 positions

What we don’t like

  • Poor-quality tools included for assembly
  • Grips do not rotate

For advanced, competition training, you need an Olympic bench. These benches are best for lifting weights, and enthusiasts who are looking to take their training to the next level. This Olympic bench is one of the better ones out there and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

It is compatible with most 6-foot and 7-foot weight set bars. However, they do recommend checking the weight bar specifications to make sure it is compatible with the bench before you make your purchase. This bench can be adjusted to 7 different preset positions, allowing you to perform most exercises. It is equipped with a dual-action leg developer for lower-body exercises as well.

It comes with many different accessories, though many of the are required for the bench to work correctly. Some of the accessories you get include an Olympic plate adapter, a clip for the leg developer, comfortable padded seat and foam grip handle attachments. There are various built-up safety hooks to prevent injury to your hands or the grip. It also features U-shaped front legs to add extra stability.

Our Verdict

We reviewed many various adjustable weight benches to find the best of the best. After careful consideration, the Bowflex SelectTech 5.1s Adjustable Bench is the best option available for most buyers. It has 6 different adjustable positions, which allows you to perform nearly any exercise you can imagine. It is also made with very high-quality materials and can stand up to intense workouts.

Plus, it has a 600 pounds weight capacity, allowing you to lift quite heavy while using this bench. For extra safety, it also comes with added decline support – a feature we can all get behind.  The bench has an easy button click, lift and go process to stow bench and save space when not in use. It is also built to last using heavy-duty commercial quality steel so you don’t have to worry about purchasing another bench after a few years. We hope that this review helps you find the best weight bench for you, but if you are still not sure what type of weight bench to buy then check our buyer’s guide below.

Buyer’s Guide

What is an adjustable weight bench?

A weight bench looks just like any other bench, except it is specially designed for lifting weights. A bench of this sort is required to perform many different exercises and is, therefore, a common component of most home gyms. Typically, the top of the bench is padded to accommodate lying down while the legs are built from steel.

How to choose the perfect adjustable weight bench?

The most important factors to consider when selecting a weight bench are the durability of the materials, the number of adjustable positions, and the amount of room it takes up on your home or gym. Consider how much home floor space you have to dedicate to the bench. Some benches fold up for storage purposes, which is extremely helpful if you don’t have enough room to leave a bench out permanently.  If you have a few exercises you’re buying the bench for specifically, make sure it can adjust into positions suitable for those exercises.

What are the essential parts of an adjustable weight bench? 

The only parts you really need for a weight bench are four legs and the seat part where you comfortably perform your exercise. The legs are typically made out of steel or equally durable material, while the bench is padded with foam and covered with leather or other upholstery. Some benches come with other parts. For example, many adjustable weight benches come with notches to make adjustments fast and easy.

What are the differences between Adjustable, Flat, and Olympic weight benches?

  • Adjustable weight bench: An adjustable weight bench does exactly what it sounds like – adjusts. This allows you to perform a wider range of exercises and makes the bench more versatile. Out of all the types of workout benches, this is often the best type for most home gyms.
  • Flat weight bench: this type of weights benches is just a basic weights bench. It doesn’t adjust and often doesn’t come with many extra features. Usually made to accommodate flat incline bench positions for basic workouts.
  • Olympic bench: this type of workout benches are compatible with Olympic weights, which are utilized in many different competitions. Because of that, they are used most are interested in the competitive side of the sport.

What are specialist weight benches?

  • Preacher Curls: Often called preacher benches, these bench for gym are designed to help users perform bicep curling exercises. This is the best weight bench to support the back of the upper arm and restrict movement, which allows users to isolate the bicep and get better results. They’re very specialized workout pieces of equipment and therefore aren’t very common in home gyms where space is often an issue. However, they’re quite common at some commercial gyms. Furthermore, this is the best weight bench that can often replace a preacher bench.
  • Multi-Adjustable Abdominal Bench: These benches are very similar to your usual adjustable weight bench, except they are exclusively used for abdominal exercises. They often come with padded foot supports and built-in handles, which allow you to perform reverse abdominal exercises at home. This is the best weight bench if you want to achieve six-pack abs. The exact line between an abdominal bench and a regular bench is often slim, as many regular benches often come with padded foot supports and can be used for abdominal exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adjustable weight benches work just like any other bench, except they can be moved into different positions for different workouts. The position depends on the specific exercise you’re doing. How exactly an adjustable weight bench adjusts depends on the model, so you should take a look at your bench’s manual for exact instructions. With that said, most weights bench just have a notch that you adjust and then lock into place whether on a flat incline or incline decline position. Watching some videos of your exact bench might be helpful if you find yourself stuck.

There are some exercises you can only do with a weight bench. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, you must equip your home gym with a weight bench. Truthfully, there isn’t much you can do without one of these benches. Because of the vast range of exercises, you can use these pieces of equipment for, you can exercise practically your whole body with just one of these benches and a set of weights.

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