Deadlifts are one of the best compound exercises you could master. When done with proper execution, it hits all the important muscles on your lower extremities including your glutes, hamstrings, back, and hip flexors. 

So why is it important to buy a separate barbell? Why not just use standard power bars or a traditional barbell that you already have at home?

Long explanation short, deadlift bars are longer in length and thinner in diameter than a standard bar. The longer sleeves utilize the weight plates you can add on each end, allowing you to lift heavy with intention. Deadlift bars are also known for having aggressive knurling, designed to make the most secure grip possible.

Among the 10 best deadlift bars we had the privilege to review, it was easy to choose the Synergee Games Cerakote Barbell as the best overall for all its qualified features. In this article, you will be introduced to more barbells with their individual strengths for your personal choosing.

Best Deadlift Bars at a Glance

Synergee Games Black Cerakote Barbell

This Synergee Barbell gives you every reason and feature to be chosen for your next deadlift sesh with its 190,000 PSI, 1,500 lb load capacity, cerakote coating, and diamond knurling.

Sporzon! Olympic Standard Barbell

The Sporzon Barbell bears a solid construction, multiple knurling marks, and a decent weight capacity of 700lbs for beginner lifters, so there is no space for intimidations; just progress.

CAP Barbell Olympic Trap Bar

This space-saving and budget Cap OB93 Hex Deadlift Bar will let you progress beautifully on your deadlift with reduced depth and a more neutral grip.

Synergee Games Cerakote Barbell – Best Overall

What we like

  • Perfect for Olympic lifting and multidisciplinary training including squats, deadlifts, cleans, and snatches
  • The slim shaft that is comfortable to the grip whether you are a new or experienced lifter
  • Ultra-responsive power bar for heavy lifting sessions
  • Diverse choices (color, kilos) for personal preference

What we don’t like

  • Relatively expensive than mainstream power bars

Synergee is famous among athletes as it was established by athletes themselves. This makes the brand and its products well-made and exclusive for serious lifters. 

It is made with steel material with a cerakote finish, which protects the bar from corrosion, abrasions, and rusting. This barbell also has an impressive tensile strength of 190,000 PSI, 10 needle bearings (5 per sleeve), 1,500 lbs weight capacity, and a good whip. 

This is available in 15kg and 20kg in three colors: red, pink, and black. The 15kg bar has a grip size of 25mm; the 20kg, 28mm. All around, it has 1.2mm diamond knurling and dual knurl markings. You will love its slim and clean aesthetics, also making it a perfect power bar for home or commercial use.

Sporzon Olympic Barbell – Best Standard Barbell for Beginners

What we like

  • Conveniently fits all standard plates with 1- or 2-inch holes
  • Various knurling positions for grip comfort, smoother motions, and overall improved performance
  • Decent lightness for beginner use

What we don’t like

  • 2 feet shorter than Olympic specifications

Not all deadlift enthusiasts are experienced. For those who are still getting the hang of deadlifts, the Sporzon Olympic Barbell is our best bet for beginners. 

This is made with alloy steel material with a chrome or black zinc coating. Next, it has multiple knurling positions and lengths, so you can conveniently choose depending on your lifting preference. The lengths range from 5ft to 7ft with a grip size of 1 inch or 2 inches. It also has a knurled type grip, brass bearings, and a weight capacity of 700 lbs. 

Even as a beginner, you will have a great opportunity to work on your sumo deadlifts and conventional deadlift with a decent bar length. In our opinion, you will not regret purchasing this as your first deadlift power bar.

Cap Barbell OB93 Barbell Olympic Hex Deadlift Bar – Best Budget Trap Bar

What we like

  • Extensive loadable sleeve length of 9.5 inches
  • Takes up minimal space even in small home gyms

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for Olympic bumper plates

Compared with deadlift barbells, hex bars are more forgiving on the depth you need to descend to grip your bar. If you are looking for a more flexible bar that will allow you to perform decent trap bar deadlifts, we vouch for the Cap Barbell OB93 Hex Bar.

This one is considered a universal trap bar. It has a total assembly weight of 28 lbs and a decent weight capacity of 500 lbs. Its tensile strength is 74,000 PSI and its shear strength is 37,000 PSI. If you ask us, these are pretty good numbers to start with especially when you are only starting out with budget trap bars.

This trap bar has a neutral grip that lets you position your hands comfortably so you can max out your deadlifts each time. It also has built-in feet that protect your floors from weight scratches and elevates the grip for faster access.

CAP “The Warrior” Barbell– Best Splurge

What we like

  • Makes smooth spins with a secure non-slip knurled grip
  • Suitable for Olympic lifting, cross-training, and powerlifting
  • Significantly high tensile strength for deadlift heavier weights

What we don’t like

  • Unique CAP Barbell variety – not easily accessible online 

The Warrior deadlift barbell is made with solid alloy steel material topped with a hard chrome finish and a standard 28mm grip size. It contains bearings and bushings with the best combination of 10 needle bearings and 2 oversized self-lubricating bushings. Get the most out of the dual knurling markings, extensive loadable sleeve length, and center knurl for your optimum performance.

This bar measures a standard 7ft long at 44lbs with a good weight capacity of 454kg or 900 lbs. It is specifically designed for heavy lifting and will get you through the most grueling deadlift training. You cannot deny that its 230,000 tensile strength and solid steel construction make the CAP “The Warrior” Barbell the best splurge.

Holleyweb Olympic Training Barbells 1500 lbs. – Best Knurled Grip

What we like

  • Excellent gripping surface without the sharpness
  • Stronger, friction-welded sleeves than your standard power bar
  • Its responsive spin is best for explosive movements including snatches and jerks
  • Bold color variations to choose from

What we don’t like

  • Not a dedicated bar for deadlifts only

As a serious lifter, it is essential to have a good grip on your barbell. For this reason, we name the Holleyweb Olympic Training Barbell (1,500 lbs) the best one yet with its aggressive diamond knurling.

This deadlift bar is made with solid metal finished with cutting-edge, corrosion-resistant powder coating. The hardened chrome shaft provides extra durability and flexibility so, the bar works as hard as you do. Its high load-bearing capacity will give you plenty of opportunities to load up your barbell and go heavy. With a moderate whip, you can get a decent flex while at it.

Valor Fitness OB DL Deadlift Bar – Best Whip

What we like

  • Constructed with great strength and durability for massive deadlifts
  • Allows stronger, more aggressive grip on the knurlings without hurting the hands
  • Cheaper in price than other deadlift bar counterparts

What we don’t like

  • Only available in black
  • Strictly for deadlift use – not suitable for rough lifting

If lifting significantly heavier weights is your deadlifting goal each and every time, you want to have a deadlift bar that lets you skyrocket your plates while keeping the whip strong, low, and stable. For this, we highly recommend the Valor Fitness OB DL Deadlift Bar.

Constructed especially for deadlifts, the Valor Deadlift Bar is made with solid alloy steel at 45lbs with an impressive weight capacity of 1,200lbs. This makes going heavy a smooth and fearless choice. This has a decent tensile strength of 165,000 PSI with an excellent whip that lets you crush your training session. 

It also has heavy-duty bushings and knurled grip for more power and explosiveness on your deadlift. The 27mm shaft is slightly thinner than your average deadlift bar, yet allows a higher pull and heavier loads. It is also apparent how comfortable the shaft feels on the hands, even with weightlifting chalk smeared all over.

Okie Deadlift Bar – Best Durability

What we like

  • Steady, no rotation action on the bars as you lift
  • Allows more plates on the long sleeves so you can always challenge your ORM
  • Classic, no-frills, old school lifting vibe

What we don’t like

  • The features are not as modern and dynamic as newer DL bars
  • The tensile strength is unlisted – most likely lower than 160,000 PSI

The Okie Deadlift Bar is a true classic amongst all deadlift bars you see everywhere. It was originally designed in 1984 and was sold as Oklahoma Deadlift Bar. As a conventional lifter, you would find it a treat to get an old-school lifting experience with this specialty deadlift bar. For starters, it has a 27mm shaft, 15 to 16-inch long sleeves, and 20kg of total weight.

Now think of the Okie DL Bar as the deadlifting community’s favorite features combined in one bar. All in all, durability is not an issue. Its flex feels similar to the Rogue Ohio Deadlift Bar, while its shaft and knurling can be compared with the Texas DL Bar. Though despite these cunning similarities, the Okie DL Bar has unique features of its own. 

Instead of bushings or bearings, the Okie Bar has pinned sleeves that provide zero rotation to the bar. Some lifters might find this feature a design flaw, but the no-rotation zone actually makes sense in deadlifting. As with its material, it is made with bare steel and no coating, giving you some raw lifting with a bit of knurling aggression.

Lionscool 7-Foot Olympic Bar – Best Versatility

What we like

  • Offers a smooth and quiet spin
  • Designed for ultra-heavy workloads
  • Carefully tested and straightened to conform to a comfortable whip level
  • Its versatility ranges from weightlifting, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting

What we don’t like

  • Non-customizable shaft and only one color available

While some lifters are set on maxing out their deadlifting volume, some lifters prefer more versatile Olympic bars. In this case, you should give the Lionscool Olympic Bar a try. This is made with solid steel with a hard chrome finish. It comes in three variations of 20kg or 44lbs, each with its individual weight capacity.

Feel free to choose among the 500lbs, 700lbs, and 1,000lbs maximum capacity, depending on your usual volume. Respectively, these have a tensile strength of 80,000 PSI, 110,000 PSI, and 180,000 PSI, so you have no worries with the durability part. Even more, each one has the perfect combination of needle bearings and oversized oil-impregnated bushings. 

The 28mm grip size is standard, while the aggressive knurling is topnotch. You know that you will be powering through any gruesome deadlifting session without your grip suffering. Its multiple knurling positions also guide you with your grip placement through any workout. Most importantly, this bar is highly resistant to oxidation even over repeated use.

Synergee Rhino – Best for Powerlifting

What we like

  • Designed to withstand massive loads and help you get stronger over time
  • The cerakote coating offers  protection against rust, corrosion, and abrasions 
  • Bonus accessories: wrist wraps and lifting straps (when purchased from the Amazon shop)

What we don’t like

  • Not beginner-friendly

An excellent whip is a priority feature when you are always aiming for more weight added to your barbell sleeves. However, if no flex lifting is more up in your alley, you will appreciate the stiff construction of the Synergee Rhino. 

Aside from its sleek, powerful design, the Synergee Rhino is made to withstand heavy volumes at the best performance rate possible. This stiff bar is made with alloy steel topped with cerakote coating on the shaft and black phosphate on the sleeves. It has a decent tensile strength of 190,00 PSI and a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs.

Overall, the Synergee Rhino is stiff, rigid, and offers very little whip. Bronze bushings are in place in lieu of bearings while its aggressive volcano knurling is dependable for heavy load lifting without ripping your hands in the process. Nonetheless, it offers a decently smooth spin when the lift calls for it.

Powergainz 7-Ft Chrome Olympic Barbell – Best for Home Use

What we like

  • Suitable for standard plates and dumbbell plates
  • Clean, uncomplicated design for the average home lifter
  • Safe, comfortable, and appropriate grip placement with several knurl positions

What we don’t like

  • Not versatile for explosive movements that require fast spins on the sleeves
  • The tensile strength and bar whip are not listed

The Powergainz Barbell is pretty straightforward. It is made with solid steel construction and chrome plating. It provides multiple knurling positions for your gripping comfort and freedom in choosing your stance. 

So whether you are deadlifting to the max or working on your overhead presses, this bar is dependable. In its entirety, its one-whole design makes it intact and solid with no fuss to mind for home lifters.

Whether you choose the black or chrome variation, you get a decent weight capacity of 700lbs or 318kg. As a beginner, you would most likely not reach this figure instantly, so the bar gives you some wiggle room and time to work on your strength. Conveniently, this bar fits any standard plate with 2-inch holes in them.

Our Verdict

Looking for the best deadlift bar can be daunting when you have a plethora of options to choose from. If you are not too specific with the features, we suggest the Synergee Games Barbell.

This model not only takes pride in being an excellent power bar overall, but its cerakote finish is also a clear fan favorite for its diverse color selection, oxidation resistance, and great aesthetics on top of excellent performance.

The Valor Fitness OB DL Deadlift Bar is another great contender among the best deadlift bars to exist. We emphasize the excellent whip it provides when your deadlifts start to get heavy. We conclude: You do not have to be Eddie Hall-strong to deserve Valor.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In Deadlift Bars


Knurling is the crosshatch pattern found on the surface of a barbell shaft, be it an elephant bar or a bare steel shaft. Its purpose is to reduce grip slips and increase friction for a more secure hold on the deadlift bar. Deadlifts require medium to aggressive knurling due to the secure grip demanded by the movement.

The three major knurling types found on powerlifting bars are as follows:

  • Hill – The individual diamonds have rounded tops for less aggressive knurling
  • Mountain – Pointed end that drives into the skin and provides an aggressive knurling
  • Volcano – There are four points of contact similar to a volcano rim; medium aggressive knurling


A coating provides a powdery feel on the shaft without the use of chalk. This increases friction and reduces the possibility of dropping the bar. Generally, a thinner finish is better so you can still feel the knurling under the coating.

  • Chrome – Slippery when the hands are sweaty; less maintenance needed than stainless steel; durable and resistant to corrosion and rusting
  • Black Zinc or Bright Zinc – Good corrosion resistance; maintenance involves brushing bars with oil monthly
  • Bare Steel – No coating interference; prone to rusting
  • Stainless Steel – Good amount of rust resistance, but gives less knurling because of the coating; feels more slippery than others; less maintenance or oiling needed
  • Cerakote – A newer version of Ohio Power Bar; resistant to oxidation; gained popularity quickly due to aesthetics; highly customizable with the pattern, color, logo so you can make it your own; known for its thin yet durable nature

Rotations, Bushings, and Bearings

Deadlifting bars are made of four major parts: (1) shaft, (2) knurling marks, (2) knurling, and (3) collar, while the collar is made of two parts: the inner sleeve (static) and the outer sleeve (rotating).

The inner workings of the collars or sleeves of a deadlift bar constitute bushing and bearings or mechanical parts that assist in the rotation of each sleeve. They purposefully reduce friction, protect the shaft during rotations, and reduce torque. 

Bushings are permanently attached inside the collar and have a self-lubricating property that allows the outer sleeve to rotate smoothly even on a heavy volume set. This is suitable for slow-paced movements like deadlifts.

Bearings have more spins in them and are more suited for explosive movements like snatches and clean. Every barbell contains multiple bearings in its sleeves, typically 10 needle bearings at a time.

  • Ball-bearing – Rolling-element bearing
  • Thrust bearing – Horseshoe-shaped
  • Needle bearing – Bearings with cylindrical rollers

Weight Capacity

A standard deadlift barbell has a bar diameter of 28mm. An empty bar weighs 20kg or 44/45 lbs. Its average maximum load is 1,200 lbs or 545 kgs.

Tensile and Yield Strength

Tensile strength is the maximum amount of weight that the bar can hold without it breaking. Yield strength is the “deformation” weight or the maximal amount of weight the bar can handle before it permanently bends. 

A standard deadlift bar should have a tensile strength of 185,000 to 190,000 PSI. 165,000 PSI is decent; anything above 180,000 is beyond average. High-end barbells have a significant tensile strength of 190,000 to 215,000 PSI rating. 


The whip is the ability of the bar to flex under tension. Whip occurs during heavy volume sets and usually concerns professional powerlifting athletes and competitors. It would take a significant volume of weights for a whip to happen, so it is not an area of concern if you are a novice lifter.


Every price of a specialty deadlift bar varies according to the brand, weight capacity, material, construction, durability, and special features or customizations added.

However your budget looks, keep in mind that power bars are an investment, especially if you are looking to purchase a specialty bar designed specifically for deadlifts. Save up, explore your options, and determine your priority features before making a final decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best deadlift bars provide at least 165,000 PSI tensile strength, a maximum weight limit of 1,200 lbs, 28mm shaft diameter, medium to aggressive knurling, 7ft in length, and good to excellent whip rating.

Deadlift bars are specially designed to withstand heavy loads without breaking the bar in half. This is why some deadlift bars feature tensile strength 190,000 PSI. When executed properly, a deadlift bar can help you progress further in the movement with reduced risk of injury or bad form and assist you in lifting heavier weights.

The Okie Deadlift Bar combines all the best features of the Rogue Deadlift Bar and the Texas Power Bar. It is a 1984 classic deadlift barbell that features the flexibility of the Rogue Ohio Bar together with the knurling sensation and shaft build of a true Texas Deadlift Bar.

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