Best Gym Towel for Workout (Trainer’s Pick)

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More and more people are subscribing for membership in their local gym. This highlights how society today is slowly prioritizing physical fitness which is always good news as living a healthy lifestyle will only lead to more benefits. If you are planning on joining a gym, or already have, one important aspect that is often overlooked is a workout towel.

When it comes to gym towels, I don’t usually just bring any other towel that I can get, my hands on at home. Have you ever tried wiping off sweat with a towel that is a bit rough on the skin? Not very comfortable, isn’t it? How about towels that are not very absorbent or those that develop a certain smell after just one use? If you want to avoid these awkward experiences in the gym then you need a quality workout towel.

What Makes a Quality Gym Towel?

When it comes to choosing the right gym towel there are specific characteristics that you must always consider. Characteristics that I will be listing down below:

Towel Material

You will commonly find gym towels that are made from 100% cotton material. Cotton is soft and absorbent which is why this is the go-to material for workout towels. However, some of the better alternatives out there are linen, bamboo, and microfiber towels. These towels have a higher quality, incredibly soft on the skin, and wicks away sweat easily. They are more expensive than cotton towels but that extra price is worth it for people who go to the gym regularly.

Moisture Absorbency/Quick Dry

The next most important aspect of a workout towel is how well it can absorb moisture as well as how quickly it dries. This will be its main function so always choose a towel that has high absorbency and has quick dry feature.

I’ll give you a little tip to make it easy which towel can offer excellent absorbency; look for a workout towel that incorporates a lot of loops in its construction. This is a good indication that it has great absorbency properties.

Overall Size and Weight

Depending on the type of workout you will be doing, you need something that you can comfortably drape across your shoulders. A thinner towel might be ideal but it doesn’t usually last longer than thicker towels. However, thicker towels can be bulky and difficult to pack into your gym bag.

For the safest choice, go for something that is in the middle, size-wise, of a bath towel and a hand towel. If you are looking for something to simply using during your workout routine, a towel that is 30” x 14” inches (L x W) is a good size to go for.


Workout towels will be washed and clean considerably more often than your standard towel. This means a low-quality gym towel will quickly experience wear and tear. Quality workout towels are more durable but will also require a specific cleaning method. You will need to wash workout towels at high temperatures while using detergent, sans fabric softeners. If you use laundry services then make sure that they offer high-temperature washing services to make sure your gym towel’s quality will not diminish.

Why We Recommend Towel Super Center Workout Towels

If you are looking for a workout towel for either your own gym or for personal use, I would recommend you check out Towel Super Center’s offerings in this category. Their towels are made specifically for working out which is easy to notice when you get your hands on them. The soft cotton fabric and thick yet lightweight construction of the towel will no doubt be of great service once you hit the gym.

It comes in a variety of sizes from large, medium, and small workout towels. All of the towels are also made from 100% cotton. They have an economy and premium versions for their towels with the latter being more affordable and the former having a higher quality construction.

Benefits of Gym Towels

Towel Super Center’s workout towels are all designed for use in the gym so you can also expect it to withstand multiple washes without stretching or showing any sign of wear and tear. Workout towels are also designed to minimize the spread of germs inside the gym. Germs and bacteria can thrive in the gym if it is not well-maintained.

The importance of wiping sweat from your face, arms, and hands will help prevent transferring germs into gym equipment. A clean workout towel will help lower the risk of catching and spreading germs to other gym members.

Most gyms will have anti-bacterial sprays that you can use on their equipment before you use it. A workout towel can provide an added layer of protection as well. For example, you can use the cleaning spray on the bench press machine and lay your towel over the seat and backrest to ensure that any remaining bacteria will not get into contact with your skin.

Having a workout towel can also help you feel clean and dry. Have you tried doing your workout routine while dripping with sweat? Yes, it does feel somewhat satisfying but it can also be quite distracting and might even cause you to lose your grip on the handles of an exercise machine. There is also the issue of sweat build up causing pimples to develop. Wipe your face and forehead with a clean workout towel and feel refreshed and clean in the process.

Workout towels can also keep your body temperature from overheating. A good cardio workout will get your heart rate really pumping. Wiping off the sweat from your forehead can help lower your body temperature. Have you noticed that after wiping off your sweat it feels like you can do another round?

Alternative Gym Towels to Choose

Besides Towel Center Workout Towels, there are other brands that have made a name for themselves when it comes to being a staple in the gym towel market. I have included an additional three workout towels that you can check out if you are looking for a highly reliable and top-notch towel to accompany you in the gym.

  1. Youphoria Sports Multi-Purpose Travel Towel

If you are looking for a towel that you can bring not just in the gym but also during travels and other outdoor activities then you might want to check out Youphoria Towels. Their towels are made from quality microfiber material which gives it amazingly high levels of absorbency not found in cotton workout towels.

Due to this towel being able to hold more water it has been often used by swimmers as well. The towel also dries surprisingly quick which is a huge plus for people who hit the gym for an hour or more. The construction of this towel is also quite good. Stitching on the edges improves durability.

  1. Fit Spirit Super Absorbent Microfiber Sport Towel

This is another workout towel that utilizes microfiber material. As you would expect, it can hold a good amount of moisture and can quickly go from soaking wet to completely dry in an hour or two. Designed for the gym and outdoor use, the Fit Spirit towel is lightweight and compact. It is also built to withstand multiple washes without developing any wear and tear.

Microfiber towels are usually more expensive but they more than makes up for it with the convenience they can deliver. This is another solid choice for those looking for a quality workout towel that they can easily bring anywhere.

  1. Alfamo Cooling Towel

If you are looking for a larger set of workout towels then Alfamo might be a good place to start looking. Their gym towels measure in at 40” x 12” (L x W) and are exceptionally soft as well. Their towels are not made from fabric but from a mesh which helps cool down your body after an intense training regimen. It manages to improve its cooling factor thanks to the mesh construction of the towel.

The towel can maintain its cool temperature of at least three hours which is why it is also a good option for those undergoing cold therapy. The Alfamo Cooling Towel also comes with a carrying bag that is made from the anti-bacterial material.


For anyone who hits the gym regularly, having a quality towel designed for this activity will greatly improve your experience in the gym. Not only does it keep you dry and clean, but it can also help protect you from bacteria and germs. Towel Super Center Workout Towels are among the most trusted brand names in this industry and it is easy to see why. The quality of their towels is quite impressive and if you want an alternative, the list of three alternative workout towels would be a good place to start.

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