The Landmine is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment available as it allows for freer movement without being fixed into a position that can cause joint pain. Compared to other shoulder and arm exercises, the landmine press is superior in shoulder health and effective in growing and toning your muscles, plus, true to its versatility, it lets you do a whole lot of exercises.

Building your own landmine at home isn’t quite a feat. You just have to understand which attachments are most beneficial to your desired movements. You’ll be surprised to know that most of these attachments are pretty portable, and others have extra awesome versatile features that will help you maximize and customize your workout program. 

If you’re just starting out, we highly recommend EverStrong T-Bar Row Attachment 360 With Weight Bar for its fantastic finish and build,  and the design accommodates a wide range of motion when it comes to your presses. It’s a definite must-have piece, especially when you’re training for deadlifts or squats that require more stimuli for the muscle. Let’s get to the best landmine attachment review. 

Best Landmine Attachment at a Glance

T Bar Row with V Bar Attachment

A portable attachment that saves space, giving users a 360-degree swivel even in small corners. It also comes with a V-bar attachment to perform more exercises and get a full-body workout, fitting 1-2-inch bars for convenience. From its ease of installation to money-back guarantees, you get more than what you pay for.

Yes4All T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine

This landmine attachment is easy to install in any landmine base as it has a secure knob. It’s also made of heavy steel material and construction for durability. Weighing less than 7 pounds, the attachment is easy to bring around or store when needed.

YCDJCS T Bar Row Shoulder Press Landmine Handle

This is a heavy-duty attachment made of durable steel for structural strength. One can use Olympic bars and barbells to increase the weights for lower body exercises like squats and lunges. Thanks to its comfortable shoulder pads and durable foam grip, you will feel at ease when performing your routine.

EverStrong T-Bar Row Attachment 360 With Weight Bar: Best Overall

What we like

  • Includes a money-back guarantee 
  • Made of heavy-duty alloy steel to withstand heavy weights and intense workouts
  • Can fit 1- and 2-inch barbells for versatility
  • It comes with a V Bar double row handle to enhance the grip in specific exercises

What we don’t like

  • Some complaints have the joint slipping out of the plates
  • Sometimes gets loose when adding over 200 pounds

The EverStrong T-Bar Row Attachment is made of strong alloy steel, contributing to its strength and durability. It’s also one of the easiest attachments to install as you can do so anywhere without any drilling required, nor is it known to cause damage on surfaces.

It’s designed in a way to allow 360-degree swivels even in small corners, contributing to its space-saving features for a home gym or other small areas. Besides that, it fits 1-2-inch barbells for versatility, eliminating the worry of finding sizable weights. 

The EverStrong attachment also comes with a V Bar Double Row handle and a universal cable attachment to perform more exercises. The handle is contoured chrome with knurling for added comfort and traction when doing upper body workouts.

Yes4All T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert: Best Portable Attachment

What we like

  • Solid construction to put up with heavyweights and intense exercises
  • Easy installation without needing screws to lock the barbell
  • Portable and easy to store and bring around 
  • Versatile and can be used for many full-body workouts
  • Can pivot well for the smooth 360-degree swivel

What we don’t like

  • The plate insert is a bit looser than what some may prefer
  • The tube holding the barbell has a robust internal seam that may cause slight damage to the barbell sleeves

If you need a landmine attachment when traveling or storing at home after use, then the Yes4All T-Bar Row Plate is excellent. This attachment can fit 2-inch Olympic bars and weight plates. Like the EverStrong, it’s easy to install and features a secure knob, so no screws are required when setting up. You can simply insert the weight plates and bar into the sleeves, tightening them in place with the knob. 

Moreover, you have a 360-degree swivel to perform different exercises for a full-body workout. It is a suitable option because it measures less than 14 inches and weighs about seven pounds, making it easy to bring as needed. Moreover, it’s made with sturdy steel construction to withstand heavy weights and last long.

YCDJDS T-Bar Row Shoulder Press Back Attachment: Best Lower Body Landmine Attachment

What we like

  • Solid construction to last for a long time
  • Includes shoulder pads for added comfort and safety while working out
  • It has non-slip grips that won’t easily slip with wet hands
  • The maximum load is up to 330 pounds

What we don’t like

  • It might be difficult to assemble at first
  • Complaints about delayed shipping times

Like the other attachments mentioned, the YCDJDS T-Bar Row Shoulder Press Back Attachment is made of heavy-duty steel for sturdiness. It features seamless welding technology to ensure solid strength and reduced welding marks. 

The attachment comes with shoulder pads, making it more comfortable to perform exercises. Moreover, these shoulder pads are thick and non-slip design grips for safety. It’s suitable for exercises like squats and lunges, making it an excellent choice if you’re focused on the lower body.

Yes4All Viking Press Attachment – Best Upper Body Landmine Attachment

What we like

  • It has a 15-inch gap between handles
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It offers different grip positions for many exercises 
  • Made of solid steel for durability

What we don’t like

  • Requires a stand to rest the bar on when performing floor presses
  • Some complaints of the attachment scratching barbell sleeves

The Yes4All Viking Press Attachment offers three-hand grip positions for better versatility for whatever landmine exercise you would like to perform. It fits two-inch Olympic barbells with its 7-inch long tube, which is easy to handle as you simply need to slide your barbell in and tighten the knob. 

Another notable feature is its 15-inch gap between handles. This allows for a more comfortable movement as the design creates more space for the head to avoid getting hit during presses.

TTCZ Two-Piece Set Landmine and Handle – Best for Versatility

What we like

  • Dual size tubes and rope anchor that fits standard size barbells and Olympic barbells
  • It can be paired with barbells, plates, and battle ropes to perform more exercises
  • Easy to install and bolts to the floor excellently to prevent it from lifting off the ground
  • Handles heavy weights well and compared to gym equipment

What we don’t like

  • Requires you to screw in bolds to assemble the platform
  • Handles are on the cheaper end

The TTCZ Landmine Platform works as a base with added versatility as you can use it to attach barbells, plates, or even battle ropes to perform shoulder, core, and leg exercises. It’s made with paint-coated heavy-gauge steel to last long, even amid intense training. 

Like EverStrong, it features a 360-degree pivot design to accommodate many exercises targeting the upper and lower body, including deadlifts, squats, rows, and presses, among others. You can push it up against the wall, bolt it on the floor, or rest plates or kettlebells to keep it planted properly.

Final Verdict

There are numerous options for landmine attachments, and finding one isn’t always an easy task. That said, you always want to go for products made with quality construction and with enough versatility to enhance your strength and performance. The appropriate landmine attachment will have an excellent grip and durable steel construction and can fit standard barbells and Olympic barbells so you can focus more on your exercise. 

Among the five landmine attachments, our Top Pick, the EverStrong T-Bar Row Attachment 360, passes everyone’s needs as it is easy to install and made with durable construction to fit 1-2 inch barbells for flexibility and convenience. It also saves space while allowing a 360-degree swivel so you can perform various exercises, whether it’s squats, rows, presses, or landmines. However, if you’re looking for portability, you can also consider the Yes4All T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert, which you can easily store at home or bring with you to install in gyms easily or when traveling.

Best Landmine Attachment Buying Guide

Type of Handle

There are different types of handle attachments to choose from. The basic handle attachment refers to a handle going on the end of the Landmine tool to get an easier grip. It’s suitable for non-traditional landmine exercises. 

You can also opt for a Pentagon Bar attachment for heavy split squats, reverse lunges, and the like. There is also a neutral grip handle available, which will make presses easier on your shoulders. 

Another thing to consider is whether or not you want a fixed side attachment or a handle attachment. Fixed-side attachments will anchor the unmoving side of the platform, while handle attachments can be added to the moving end of your weights, offering more variety in positions and forms. 

T-Bar Row

As the name suggests, the T-Bar Row attachment is meant for T-Bar rows. This is a beneficial investment if you want to perform T-Bar rows without the machine. There are two different attachments to choose from under the T-Bar attachment: The straight or angled. Some prefer the straight attachment as it hits more of the rear deltoids, while the angled one hits more of the lats. 


When performing landmines, you’ll want excellent grip strength. That’s why the attachment you get for landmine bases should feel comfortable when gripping them. You can find attachments that come with a wide grip or a closer one, depending on the exercises you plan to do and what you feel most safe and comfortable with. 

Thicker handles can lead to a more comfortable and stronger grip. We also recommend powder-coated and slip-resistant for adequate grip strength, preventing accidents.


You may also want to consider investing in a landmine platform, a landmine base. It’s a pricy option, but it doesn’t require attachment to anything, nor will you need other equipment. The only issue is that it’s not portable compared to other attachments since it’s usually made of heavy material. 

Post Landmine

A post landmine is one of the most portable solutions if you want a landmine base in your home gym. It’s a freestanding version of the traditional landmine that only requires metal plates or stacked bumpers to mount—no need for any existing rig, squat racks, or stands. 

Squat Racks

If you have a squat rack, you may want to consider a landmine attachment you can easily set up on the rack, using it as a landmine base. This will give you more bang for your buck on bot landmine attachment and squat rack while ensuring a secure base as you perform your exercises. It can also save space if you have a home gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

Landmine presses work multiple muscle groups, like the tricep and deltoids in the upper body and the glutes from the lower body. It works the similar muscles as a traditional overhead press would, but you won’t have as much strain on the shoulder joints.

Landmine attachments are worth it as a training tool that saves your joints as it allows for freer movement without being locked in, which may cause pain. Moreover, there are different exercises you can perform with the landmine attachment to get your money worthwhile working various muscles, such as squats, presses, rows, and the like.

You can create a landmine training routine with exercises including landmine squats, half-kneeling presses, single-arm presses, standing presses, or the landmine row. These exercises are beneficial for those who have limited mobility, injuries, and misalignments. They can perform many exercises and movements safely with more accessibility while minimizing the risk of injury.

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