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5 Best Mini Steppers 2021

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If you’re looking for a mini stepper, there are quite a few options on the market. From smaller, lighter models to larger ones, we took a look at some of the most popular options to find the best mini steppers out there. 

Out of those we reviewed, the Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster was the best. Its ergonomic design and lightweight features make it extremely easy to transport and store away. We also liked the BEOUZO Indoor Stair Stepper, which is made with sturdy construction and comfortable to use. 

Things we like:

Things we don’t like:


  • Weight Capacity: 400 pounds
  • LCD Monitor: No
  • Stepper Weight: 14 pounds
  • Handlebars: No
  • Dimensions: 21 in L x 14 in W x 4 in H
  • Resistance: Infinite 

This high-quality Xiser commercial mini stepper landed the top spot of Fitboot’s best mini steppers, users say that it is very comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomic design, it is also quite lightweight at only 14 pounds altogether. It doesn’t require any assembly upon delivery and can easily be moved as a full piece from place to place. 

Although this stepper is lightweight, it can support up to 400 lbs which are higher than any other stepper on the market. It is also built with Cast Aircraft Alloy that is designed for sprint training HIT and Aerobic protocols. Who doesn’t want the best mini stepper that is built to last, right? This is surely worth every penny spent. 

Things we like:

Things we don’t like:


  • Weight Capacity: 265 lbs
  • LCD display: Yes
  • Stepper Weight: 27 lbs
  • Handlebars: No
  • Dimensions: 26.8 in L  x 13.4 in W x 9.8 in H

This mini stepper is made with 8 thick steel pipes, it is very durable and designed to handle a maximum of 265 pounds. It has a sleek, sports design that is created to be as easy to use as possible. The manufacturer make sure it can support the upper body and lower body workout is the best mini steppers for low-intensity training programs.

In terms of features, this mini stepper has a large LCD display that keeps up with the time you’ve been working out, row count and total count, allowing you to easily track your fitness progress. The load-bearing hydraulic resistance rod allows you to adjust the difficulty to meet your specific fitness needs. Hence providing the best low impact exercise for the user.

Things we like:

Things we don’t like:


  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs
  • LCD Monitor: Yes
  • Stepper Weight: 20lbs
  • Handlebars: Yes
  • Dimensions: 16 in L x 12.5 in W x 13.5 in H

If you’re looking for the best mini steppers that include resistance bands, then Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper should be devoid of doubt on your shortlist. Sunny Health and Fitness is no stranger in the fitness industry and they usually make the most innovative and affordable workout types of equipment. This mini-stepper, for instance, can be bought in less than $80 but according to stepper reviews, it is very effective in doing upper body and lower body workout since it came with resistance bands.

The resistance bands perfect partner in building your upper body muscles, while the mini stepper itself helps you tone down your lower body muscles. These sunny health fitness mini steppers are good in low impact training as well, if you want a light workout on your lower body, you can skip the resistance bands. This is also the best mini stepper machine when it comes to being portable and lightweight. It has extremely small dimensions and weights only 20 lbs altogether. It is very cheap but very durable.62

Things we like:

Things we don’t like:


  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs when standing; no limit when sitting
  • LCD Monitor: Yes
  • Stepper Weight: 32.3 lbs
  • Handlebars: Yes
  • Dimensions: 27 in x 20 in x 11 in

This mini stepper can be used both under desks and while standing up. It is very quiet thanks to the larger, smooth wheels. The screen records things like the time you’ve been exercising and the number of calories you’ve burned.  You can adjust the tension to raise or lower the difficulty as necessary. The pedals are completely adjustable as well. It can fit on tight spaces which is great for office or home use and operate very quietly which is a major thumbs up for Fitboot!

Things we like:

Things we don’t like:


  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • LCD Monitor: Yes
  • Stepper Weight: 75 lbs
  • Handlebars: Yes
  • Dimensions: 17.5 in L x 18 in W x 51 in H

This mini stepper machine comes with handles for you to hold while using it, making it a better option for those new to mini stepper machine who might need some extra stability. Heavy-duty hydraulic piston cylinders are adjustable to resistance . The tempo can be increased or decreased as well as adjust for users of different weights. It is made of sturdy solid steel slim frame for long lasting use.  It is comes with extra wide, non-slip pedals made out of rubber polymer, so it can support you during vigorous workout session, it can even fit your exercise shoes securely! 

The LCD training mirror measurements for things like steps per workout, calories burned and time. The footplates are built to makes sure to prevent falls. While built-in floor levelers are used to supporting and stabilizing the mini stepper machine even on uneven surfaces. The mini stepper can hold up to 250 pounds and is very portable. 

Other Recommended Mini Steppers

Our Verdict

Mini steppers are a smaller alternative to an elliptical trainer, making them perfect for at-home gyms. They can even be used while sitting on the couch or at your desk. Out of all the mini stepper machines we reviewed, the Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster was our favorite. This mini stepper machine is lightweight to make sure you can easily transport it anywhere and is easier to store than some other models. Plus, this mini stepper machine is also quite inexpensive and comes with one of the highest weight capacities.

We also enjoyed the BEOUZO Indoor Stair Stepper. This mini stepper machine is best for low-intensity workouts and comes with adjustable resistance. It also features ergonomic PCV pedals, which provide some extra grip. To prevent breakage, it is made with heavy-duty, steel tubing. We can say that all of the mini steppers in this review were carefully chosen, our team made this quick all-inclusive guide to help you narrow down your search. We hope that we provide meaningful ideas on how to choose the perfect mini stepper for you. We have crafted a buyer’s guide and FAQs below if you still want to know more about mini-steppers.

Buyer's Guide

What are the different types of Mini Steppers?

  • Traditional Mini Steppers – these are the classic type of mini stepper that goes up and down and mimics the act of climbing the stairs. No additional features.
  • Elliptical Mini Steppers – If you are familiar with an elliptical trainer, then you’ll find this one enjoyable as it elicits circular motion while pedaling. You’ll get more movements as you rotate your legs in full 360 degrees as you are stepping on the pedal.
  • Mini Elliptical Steppers – Similar to the Elliptical mini stepper, the only difference is the size of the machine. This one is a little smaller compared to the regular elliptical stepper. The movements are the same but the rotation is a little smaller.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Mini Stepper?

When you’re purchasing a  mini stepper, there are a few key things you should look out for. Not all of these machines are made equal, so choosing one with the right features is vital. 

  • Size: Most people purchase a mini stepper due to their small size. Some models are even designed to fit under your desk so you can stay active while working. If you’re working with a limited area, you should be certain that the stepper you choose fits into that area. If it is too big for under your desk or to store away easily, it probably isn’t going to do you much good. 
  • Resistance: You should also consider whether or not a mini stepper is adjustable. Some use a hydraulic system that allows them to change the resistance, much like an elliptical. However, others do not. In general, it is always best to choose an adjustable option so that you can change the difficulty as you get better at using the machine. 
  • Handles and Pedals – While many models do include handles, this is not true for all mini steppers. Handles provide some extra stability, which can be helpful for those who are new to fitness. Furthermore, some handles have a resistance of their own, allowing you to work out your arms on top of your legs. Others just have resistance bands, which provide an arm workout but do not add any extra stability. 
  • Display Features – Some models also include an LCD monitor, which keeps up how long you’ve been working out, how many calories you’ve burned, and a few other variables as well. This screen can be helpful, but it is not necessarily a must-have. 
  • Noise level – Some steppers can be quite loud, though others are very quiet. Almost every user is going to benefit from as quiet of a machine as they can get. The last thing you want to do is wake up your whole house during your early morning workout. 
  • Resistance bands – some steppers include resistance bands that can help build muscles on your upper body, while the stepper itself can enhance the lower portion of your body. So look for mini-steppers that offer bands that can add up to your workout routine.
  • Quality and Warranty – In terms of quality, look for mini-steppers that are made with high-quality durable materials at the same time light in weight so you can easily transfer the piece of equipment whenever you want. On the other hand, you must also look for mini-steppers that offer a maximum warranty, you don’t want to buy a piece of equipment that will start squeaking after 3 months when the warranty runs out. You can check the warranty first on how long it can cover labor, electrical and mechanical parts when something becomes defective after a few uses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Buy a Mini Stepper?

One of the main reasons to purchase a mini stepper instead of something like an elliptical is because of its size. Mini Steppers are quite small, especially when compared to pieces of equipment like treadmills. Some even fit underneath your desk and almost all fold up for easy storage. If you’re already facing concerns with your space, a mini stepper is a good option. 

Despite their small size, mini steppers do provide a good workout. It basically works like a tiny elliptical, building your leg muscles while also providing aerobic exercise. Many steppers also come with resistance bands for your arms to provide a complete workout. 

Furthermore, mini steppers are extremely inexpensive when compared to other workout machines. Many mini steppers are under $100, even very good models with tons of extra features. On the other hand, larger workout machines often cost hundreds of dollars. Mini steppers provide a good introduction to home fitness thanks to their small size and small price tag. 

How do mini steppers work?

One of the sole purposes of a mini-stepper is mimicking the act of climbing stairs. We all know those climbing stairs are good for the heart as it can get your heart pumping in seconds. It also serves as a good cardio exercise so why not climb stairs while staying at home or in the office right? Mini steppers can provide a significant workout for your legs. They function similarly to an elliptical, though they take up much less space. Their smaller size often allows them to fit underneath a desk and be used sitting down. Some also come with resistance bands, allowing you to fit in an arm workout as well. 

However, the level of exercise you can perform will vary depending on the brand of mini-steppers you are using. Some mini-stepper have higher resistance which will build endurance and tone your muscles while lower resistance can give you a good cardio workout. So in terms of being fit and healthy, mini stepper can help tremendously in your cardio. So if you love to workout and get your heart pumping, then this compact machine is the perfect fit for you. Lose weight while sitting at your office chair or while staying at home. This is very effective if you want to make your lower body toned and strong.

If you’re looking for a good investment for your cardio exercise then this is definitely the best option for you, it is perfect even if you are living in a compact apartment or your house has a small footprint. All you need to do is step on it and enjoy a good cardio workout. When you use a mini-stepper, you are working to improve your legs and glutes, thighs, hamstrings, calves as well as your hip flexors. This compact piece of exercise machine can help you tone these parts of your body at the same time helping you lose weight.

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