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Best Optimum Nutrition Flavor

When it comes to weight loss and muscle gains, one of the most effective ways to speed up the process is with a protein powder. This supplement helps promote lean muscle development and will significantly improve one’s gains after every workout. However, many would agree that protein powders do not have the most inviting of tastes. While you can learn to ignore the chalky texture and unpleasant aftertaste, wouldn’t it be better if we have something to considerably dampen the impact of its bad taste?

Well, there are now protein powders available that offer the same results but are presented in a more flavorful and smoother packaging. It manages to eliminate the unpleasant taste of standard protein powders and replace it with something you would actually enjoy drinking.

One of the most popular brands and something that I have personally used is Optimum Nutrition Flavor. If you are looking for a protein powder that actually tastes good and comes in a variety of flavors then you should definitely check what Optimum Nutrition Flavor has to offer. Many articles from Fitboot offers good knowledge to reach your desired goal.

Why Choose Optimum Nutrition Flavors?

I must confess that I tend to be quite fussy when it comes to what I eat. When I was a kid, if a food is not appealing to me both in taste and smell, you will never be able to make me eat it no matter how healthy it is. While I did manage to shake off that mentality as I grew older, I have to admit that tasting protein powder for the first time caught me off guard. Let’s just say that after that, I opted to lose weight and gain muscles the old-fashioned and natural way.

Fortunately, flavored protein powders were introduced to the market which helped dampen the blow to my taste buds. However, they never truly made me enjoy drinking my protein shake. That is after I discovered Optimum Nutrition Flavors. This protein powder comes in a variety of flavors and each flavor tastes almost identical to what is stated on the label. This is something of a rare occurrence in you are familiar with the protein powder industry as other brands will only offer a hint of flavor. This is not the case with Optimum Nutrition.

They actually manage to imitate actual flavors like chocolate, mocha, and even banana while still maintaining all the nutrients you need to achieve those gains. I actually enjoy drinking it now compared to when I first started drinking standard protein powder shakes which felt more like a chore. I also found that Optimum Nutrition mixes well with other ingredients. I’ve tried it with my pancakes and smoothies and it definitely adds a fuller and richer flavor.

Now, before we head on the list of the best Optimum Nutrition Flavors I would first like to clarify how this list was compiled. Basically, it needs to have high accuracy rating with the flavor stated on the label, it also needs to taste just as good when mixed in plain water, and finally, it needs to actually taste good. The third one is more of a personal preference of mine but worries not, I won’t let it cloud my judgment.

The Best Optimum Nutrition Flavors

  1. Mocha Cappuccino


The Mocha Cappuccino flavor is definitely a good choice for coffee drinkers. While it is not a 1:1 recreation of a mocha cappuccino taste, it does a pretty fine job replicating about 80% of its rich flavor. This is expected as this is basically whey protein but it is also surprisingly close. However, if you prefer your coffee with more than a few teaspoons of sugar then this might not be to your liking. The mocha cappuccino protein powder tastes closer to a non-sweetened coffee.

  1. Banana Cream


This is one flavor that I did not expect to actually like, but it managed to do so nonetheless. You can look at the Banana Cream flavor to be an underrated variation of Optimum Nutrition Flavor. It is there but is mostly ignored. Which is doing yourself a disservice as this is one of the more surprising variations of Optimum Nutrition. It is quite good terms of taste accuracy and is something that you should definitely be checking out if you want to experiment a bit with deliciously flavored protein powder.


Now, does it actually taste like a banana? The fruit? Not so much, but it does feel like a banana flavored candy, which if you like sweets, would definitely pique your attention. If you like eating banana then you should definitely try this one out. You can also mix it with other food to spruce up the flavor department a little. This is actually what I mix in my pancakes which gives it a sweeter and fuller taste.

  1. Rocky Road

rocky road

Do you love chocolate but can’t satisfy that sweet tooth because of your diet plan? Optimum Nutrition has you covered with a variety of chocolate flavored variations, such as the Rock Road flavor. Rocky Road is basically ice cream with a mixture of chocolate, marshmallow, and nuts. While the Optimum Nutrition Rock Road Flavor does not have these ingredients, it does a great job of emulating that flavor.

If there is one thing the Optimum Nutrition has proven of being able to do quite well, besides being a quality protein powder, it is their ability to capture the taste of chocolate.  The Rocky Road flavor is delicious and creamy. It even has a tinge of marshmallow and nuts which is even more prevalent in its aftertaste. This will be the first of many chocolate-based flavors in this list.


  1. Chocolate Mint


For chocolate lovers who want a little twist in their protein powder smoothie, this flavor uses the classic chocolate and mint blend. I have to admit that this isn’t really my ‘cup of tea’ but it is quite popular with some of my friends. Based on their reaction, this variation captures that unique rich flavor with a cool and refreshing aftertaste that they enjoy so much in chocolate mints.

I have tasted this once myself and I do give it points for capturing that chocolatey taste with a refreshing kick of menthol afterward. Again, not my favorite but based on our scoring system and its popularity amongst health buffs, the Chocolate Mint flavor earns its spot in this list.


  1. Cookies and Cream

cookies n cream

Now, you would be forgiven if you initially think that this is a typical cookie and cream smoothie on your first try. That is how accurate the taste is when compared to actual cookies and cream. This is also one of the most popular Optimum Nutrition Flavor and delivers that rich and creamy taste you would expect from cookies and cream dessert.

The thing is that it might have captured that flavor too close. You should be aware not to drink too much of this protein powder if you want to avoid spiking your macros level way up. Simply put, I found this flavor to be quite addicting. You can decide for yourself whether that is an advantage or disadvantage.


  1. Double-Rich Chocolate

double rich chocolate

The standard measuring stick when it comes to flavored chocolate flavored protein powders. This is Optimum Nutrition’s flagship in regards to this market. Chances are you have already tasted and tried chocolate flavored protein powders from other brands and I can assure you this can easily surpass most of its competition.


As the name implies, this truly is a rich and creamy chocolate-flavored protein powder. That silky smooth consistency of a chocolate drink is perfectly captured here. Flavor-wise, it tastes like chocolate milk. Sweet and satisfying with a refreshing aftertaste that really hits the spot for chocolate lovers. The Double-Rich Chocolate flavor can also be mixed with anything you can think of. Tired of making a smoothie? Mix it in with bread and pastries, dealer’s choice.


  1. Extreme Milk Chocolate

extreme milk chocolate

While Double-Rich might be the original, Extreme Milk Chocolate pretty much perfected the formula. This protein powder brings the chocolate goodness to new heights. If you think their Double-Rich Chocolate flavor is sweet then this might give you a sugar rush.

Personally, this is my favorite as I do admit to having an insatiable sweet tooth. Optimum Nutrition’s Extreme Milk Chocolate can even be compared to other popular chocolate milk powder brands. Except, of course, this one is designed to promote leaner muscles. Sweet, delicious, rich, creamy, and goes with everything. The Extreme Milk Chocolate from Optimum Nutrition Flavor takes the proverbial cake.


Protein powder doesn’t have to be tasteless, or in worst case scenarios, unpleasant tasting supplement drink. Optimum Nutrition has proven that it can be a delicious treat that will also satisfy your cravings for sweets. They offer their product in a variety of flavors, flavors that we weren’t able to touch upon in this article as we mostly focused on the best ones.

Check their website for a full list of flavors like strawberry and vanilla, to name a few. As you can see, we can still lose weight get those ‘gains’ properly while still being able to enjoy the sinful taste of chocolate. Many helpful articles from Fitboot can help you reach your body contour.

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