Plenty of space, sunshine, fresh air – bringing your workout, in this case, your pull-up bar outdoors, brings about endless exercise possibilities. An outdoor pull-up bar will let you go from simple up and down movements to more explosive pull-up bar exercises. 

Most homes and gyms have limited space, especially in terms of ceiling height. Thus, the number of exercises you can do on an indoor pull-up bar can be limited.

An outdoor pull-up bar will give you infinite clearance above the bar so you can do even the most advanced, gymnastics-type movements without having to worry about hitting your head or limbs on something hard.

With outdoor pull-up bars, you can move, spin, and glide around the bar without any obstruction from walls and ceilings and fellow gym-goers.

The best outdoor pull-up bar will give you the most range of motion, multiple grip options, versatility, excellent stability, and unrestricted movements in any plane of motion. And, because of the abovementioned features, we chose the Khanh Trinh 1520 Folding Pull Up Stand as our Best Overall Pick. Keep reading to find out more about the best outdoor pull-up bars and how to choose the best pull-up bar for you.

Best Outdoor Pull Up Bar at a Glance

KHANH TRINH Foldable Pull Up Bar

This movable pull-up stand has a high and wide pull-up bar that is adjustable, has a 400-pound weight capacity, has a heavy-duty construction, good load-bearing design, and, thus, gives you the best space and versatility for all your pull-up bar-related workouts.

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

It is the best plain pull-up bar on our list with its bolt-on, gusseted design giving it a great weight-bearing capacity and rigidity. It allows you to grip it pronated, supinated, and neutral to hit all of your back muscles with good wall clearance to add.

FEIERDUN Doorway Pull Up and Chin Up Bar

All you need is two sturdy columns to install this one-piece pull-up bar on and move it up and down easily to use it as a dip, push-up, or ab support bar thanks to its telescopic, adjustable (from 72-92cm) design that won’t slip or loosen while in use.

Khanh Trinh 1520 Folding Pull Up Stand – Best Overall

What we like

  • Height adjustable 
  • Can easily add pull-up accessories
  • Easy to set up, move around, and fold
  • Durable powder-coat finish

What we don’t like

  • Needs a large, flat area
  • Straight bar grip only
  • Can be too high for some users

Your toes won’t touch the ground when you hang from this pull-up stand, making it the best outdoor gym equipment for all your pull-up variations, be it strict, kipping, or even gymnastic. Even if you’re over 6 feet tall, the 100-inch max height is enough to leave you hanging without having to bend your knees. 

With a weight capacity of 485 pounds, being too heavy or burly for this pull-up bar is not an issue. And thanks to its calculated design and manufacturing, it has a great force-bearing capacity of up to 770 pounds – great for explosive movements. Thus, this pull-up contraption is good for even advanced lifters.

The almost 40-inch pull-up bar and 76-100” adjustable height gives you plenty of room to move. Do muscle-ups, archer pull-ups, levers, headbangers, windshield wipers, toes-to-bar, and many more with absolute freedom of movement.

Ultimate Bwody Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – Best Fixed Outdoor Bar

What we like

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Does not wobble
  • Multi-grip, ergonomic pull-up handles
  • Affordable

What we don’t like

  • Wall clearance could be farther
  • Can’t do muscle-ups or dips
  • Thinner gauge for the horizontal pull-up bar

This outdoor pull-up bar is solidly built and thoughtfully designed. It has a 350-lb weight capacity for all your pull-ups and chin-ups for a narrow, neutral, or wide grip. Plus, it gives you ample wall clearance so you can focus on your form and reps instead of not hitting the wall.

The 36-inch wide bar is available in straight or ergonomic grip bar designs to perform basic pull-ups and up to three grip positions. It’s constructed with 1.25” alloy steel tubes with a 4.25” wall clearance and can be easily installed on any wall or doorway for a full range of motion.

Because of the smooth gloss finish, it can withstand all seasons, although we wish the bars are knurled for better grip. Nevertheless, the build gives you confidence allowing you to go all-out on your calisthenics workouts for the best strength and size gains.

Feiderdun Pull Up Bar – Best Portable

What we like

  • 440-lb max capacity
  • Anchors firmly and securely
  • Very easy to install, adjust, and remove

What we don’t like

  • Loses rigidity the longer it gets
  • Limited grip options

This portable doorway pull-up bar has a telescopic function that allows it to shorten or lengthen to fit the door jambs. This particular pull-up bar’s design and material are all improved and innovated, though.

To start, it has a safety lock mechanism so the bar won’t rotate and loosen while you use it. The retainer, or end section of the bar that presses against the jambs, is designed to extend out when downward pressure is applied. Thus, this makes it fit your doorways snuggly and securely to allow you to work out safely.

Use it on your garage or tool shed’s door or anywhere you have two stable columns between 72-92 centimeters. And, it’s so easy to adjust that you can move it up and down so you can do dips, elevated push-ups, and ab work with it, along with all the pull-ups you can do.

OneTwoFit Outdoor Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – Best Heavy-Duty Wall-Mounted Bar

What we like

  • 440-lb capacity
  • Additional stability cross-strut
  • Eyelets expand the number of exercises you can do
  • Thick steel construction

What we don’t like

  • Must have a solid base to bolt on to
  •  Can be hard to install because of the far anchor points

Tough-built for heavy-duty use is what defines this wall-mounted outdoor pull-up bar. As long as you drill it into solid brick, concrete, or wood, there’s no chance this pull-up bar will wobble, loosen, or shake while in use. 

With 25 and a half-inch wall clearance, you can do more than just pull your body up on this equipment. It also has three rigid eyelets to anchor resistance bands onto for assisted calisthenics or even to hang a boxing bag on for cardio.

You can use a wide, narrow, or neutral grip on this bar comfortably, thanks to the all-around hand cushions. It can support up to 440 pounds and is powder-coated for weather-proofing. Thus, this is a pull-up station that is built to last long.

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower – Best Versatility

What we like

  • Versatile
  • Built to last even if permanently outdoor
  • Can be bolted into the ground for max stability
  • 300 lb. weight capacity

What we don’t like

  • No rubber foam handles or knurls for better grip
  • Can be hard to assemble
  • No color options

This is hands-down the best power tower with a pull-up bar for outdoor use. It has a straightforward design that allows you to do a full-body bodyweight workout for push, pull, and leg days.

This Stamina power tower is robust, durable, and stable because of its solid steel construction and thick mainframe. Plus, it is built specifically for outdoor training featuring weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, paint chip-resistant, and UV protective bright green powder coat.

An angled pull-up station, dip bar, push-up bars, and cross member that can be used for sit-ups, split squats, and narrow push-ups – this Stamina power tower offers the most exercise options among all the pull-up bars on our list.

Iron Age Pull Up Bar For Doorway – Best Removable Pull-Up Bar

What we like

  • Silicone protectors won’t leave marks on the door
  • Bar already comes assembled
  • 400-pound weight capacity
  •  Budget-friendly

What we don’t like

  • Small contact points
  •  Included suspension straps aren’t adjustable

This doorway pull-up bar is easy to install and remove. Plus, it is foldable, making it less bulky when not in use and, therefore, easier to store. It has four contact points that all have premium silicone cushions to protect your doorways from damage and, more importantly, prevent the bar from slipping.

The pull-up high bar has angled ends making it more ergonomic, so you can target your lats better for a wider back. And it has a center eyelet for you to attach the included suspension straps to, or even your own TRX straps or exercise bands.

Thus, you will be able to do more exercises – not just pull-ups – with this one. Make sure you put to use the multiple grip options and the straps to give yourself a complete workout.

FYYTARO Pull Up Bar – Best Budget Portable Bar

What we like

  • Detachable from the wall
  • Budget-friendly yet versatile
  • Eyelet increases exercise options
  • 300-pound capacity

What we don’t like

  • Not good for use on drywall
  • Straight bar only

This is a portable pull-up bar you can bring anywhere. As long as there is a tree, post, or column, you can get a back workout in. Or, you can also install it fixed on an outdoor wall. It comes with a strap tensioner system for use wherever and bolts to attach on and detach from any sturdy vertical surface.

Its chain and shackle allow you to adjust the bar height and a slack adjuster lets you give the bar some play or keep it tight. It also has a center-mounted eyelet for hanging your suspension training straps, heavy bag, or exercise bands.

Z Athletic Outdoor Training Bar – Best Permanent Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

What we like

  • Longer bar space compared to others
  • Can be made shorter, although not adjustable
  • Great for gymnastics training

What we don’t like

  • 250-lb user capacity
  • Does not offer multiple grip positions

This gymnastics horizontal bar is meant to be installed outdoors by digging and cementing it to the ground. So, it creates a sturdy pull-up bar and dip bar. Gymnastics bars are meant to be elastic, so there will be some slack when you use them.

It has the longest rail of all the pull-up bars on our list at 51 inches, giving you the most space for a versatile outdoor bar from standard chin-ups to acrobatic maneuvers. You can determine how tall the rail is by burying the uprights deeper or shallower.

Cap Barbell FM-905Q – Best for Powerlifters

What we like

  • Multi-exercise equipment
  • Max weight capacity of 500lbs.
  • Adjustable barbell racks from shin-level to overhead
  • Can be bolted down

What we don’t like

  • Horizontal bar grip only
  •  Rack holes can cause rainwater storage

This is a power rack exercise stand built for heavy poundages. Its 11 and 12-gauge steel construction allows it to handle intense barbell and bar sessions without compromise. The gusseted uprights, long floor bars, and weight plate holder will keep this rack super stable.

It allows you to do bench presses, squats, rack pulls, and other exercises with a barbell together with pull-up work. Bringing together body and free weight training, it is a great rack for powerlifters, bodybuilders, and Crossfit athletes.

This rack and pull-up combo equipment come in 6 different powder-coat colors: blue, carbon, orange, red, white, and yellow. It also comes with a pair of heavy-duty j-cups for your heavy lifts.

Duonamic Eleveiia – Best Doorway Pull-up Bar

What we like

  • Various add-ons available
  • Very solid and firm clamp
  • Easy to travel with and use anywhere
  • Versatile grip positions

What we don’t like

  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds
  •  It can be pricey for some
  •  Only for pull-ups

This pair of pull-up door clamps is a product of meticulous engineering. Every part of this pull-up station contraption is proprietary, down to the screws. Thus, you know this product was developed by and for people with a passion for calisthenics.

It is essentially a “pocket” pull-up station that’ll easily fit any travel bag without being bulky. You can set this pair up in about five seconds, and you’re good to go. Whether you plan on doing simple pull-ups or more advanced movements like levers or reverse rows, the Eleveiia will remain secure and sturdy. Its design makes it impossible to slip off.

It will work on any door, as long as you meet the min and max door jamp requirements. When in use, it won’t feel any different from a pull-up bar. It could even feel better since it allows your wrist to sit in a natural position.

Final Verdict

There is a wide variety of outdoor pull-up bars to choose from. You have wall-mounted ones, simple horizontal bars, small portable ones, doorway bars, and even power towers or a power rack exercise stand.
And, if you combine the best features of each – great clearance, stability, high capacity, and versatility – you get our Top Pick, the Khanh Trinh 1520 Folding Pull Up Stand. Now, if you’re looking for something with more exercise options for not just the back, then the Stamina Outdoor Power Tower is the clear winner.

Buying Guide: What To Look For in an Outdoor Pull-Up Bar

Material and Durability

Since you’re looking to buy online, most outdoor pull-up bars will be made out of metal. Some outdoor bars have wood uprights, but we won’t need to talk about that here.

For your metal pull-up bars, thicker means stronger. Go for at least 12-gauge steel.

And, make sure that they are covered with either oil-based paint or powder-coat so that they are weather-resistant and won’t rust, nor will the color fade.

Gussets, cross members, thick bolts, and strong welds are also features to look for to make sure you have a pull-up bar that is outdoor-ready.

These’ll help you own an outdoor pull-up bar that can withstand the elements and is less susceptible to wear and tear.

Weight Capacity

Choose an outdoor pull-up bar that has a capacity that is at least 100lbs. heavier than your body weight. This ensures that the bar can handle your movements with gravity and other forces factored in.

A good rule of thumb is to buy an outdoor pull-up bar that has at least a 300-pound capacity. This also gives you more room to improve when you surpass just using plain body weight. If you’re consistent enough, you’ll need to use a dip belt to make your pull-ups more challenging.

The higher the weight capacity, the less likely would you need to purchase a better-built one in the future when you’ve managed to pack on some muscle mass.

Quality of Handles

The first thing to consider for the handles is the grip positions. The better chin-up bar allows for more grip positions. With a variety of grips, you can bias different parts of the back and biceps better using pull-ups. 

Next, consider how well you would be able to grip the bar. Do you prefer a thick or thin handle? Would you rather have cushions or knurls on it?

Lastly, think about how long the pull-up bar should be or how far apart the handles are. Naturally, taller individuals should opt for longer bars and shorter ones for shorter pull-up bars.

Versatility of Use

How many exercises you can do and how many body parts you can train are considerations to make when looking at versatility.

Are you looking for a straight pull-up bar? Then you can go for a simple horizontal bar. If you want better versatility, go for a power tower with dip bars or a squat rack with a pull-up bar.

You will also consider bar length and height here. The longer and higher a pull-up bar is, the more movements – especially Crossfit and gymnastics-type movements – you can do and the more freedom of motion you have.


There are outdoor pull-up bars that need to be fixed in place. They are either bolted down or cemented to the ground, or installed on a wall. Some are detachable, making them portable or at least easy to store. These can be key considerations when you live in an apartment or own a home.

Some pull-up bars you’ll have to assemble, such as power towers and squat racks. While they might take more time to put up, they usually are the sturdier and more durable choices. You can also check if the outdoor pull-up bar you want to buy offers Amazon’s Expert Assembly service option.

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary movers for pull-ups are the back muscles, namely: lats, traps, rhomboids, and rear delts. The biceps and forearm muscles are also worked during any pull-up variation.

Ideally, you want to be able to hang from the bar without your feet touching the ground. So, anywhere from 75-100 inches is a good outdoor pull-up bar height.

There is a myriad of brands out there that offer quality pull-up bars. Rogue, REP Fitness, and Titan Fitness are big-name manufacturers, but they might end up causing you an arm and a leg for a pull-up bar.

For the best value for your money, go through our list of the best outdoor pull-up bars you can buy without breaking your budget.

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