Parallettes have their origins in gymnastics since they were created to mimic the sensation of parallel bars. Parallettes are now extensively utilized by strong and advanced calisthenics athletes since they allow for a variety of dynamic bodyweight workouts. 

Basic pushups and dips are included, and more advanced motions such as planches, swing-throughs, and handstand push-ups. Parallettes are not only useful for a variety of workouts, but they are also ecologically friendly.

It may be utilized outdoors at a park and indoors in your very own home gym. You’ll be able to get in a good workout no matter where you set up. While parallettes allow for successful and effective workouts, selecting a decent set may be difficult because they come in various forms and sizes and serve a variety of functions.

In this article, we’ll show a detailed review for every parallette, starting with our Top Pick, the Lebert Fitness Paralettes Push Up Bar, then proceed with a Buyer’s Guide and FAQS to help you pick the best paralettes bars for your training needs. This includes what to look for, what to buy, how to utilize them, and other information.

Best Parallettes at a Glance

Lebert Fitness Parallettes Dip Stand Push Up Bars

A must-have piece of equipment for any bodyweight strength training routines or regimens as it increases muscular endurance, shoulder, and core strength and reduces the risk of wrist strain.

Juperbsky Push Up Stands Bars Parallettes Set

Ideal for improving general upper body strength, particularly for your chest, shoulder, and back muscles. Durable steel design can withstand loads of up to 2200 pounds; wide enough bases with non-slip caps at either end for stability.

Rubberbanditz Parallettes Bars for Push Ups & Dip

Portable and adaptable enough to perform a variety of upper body workouts. These heavy-duty parallettes are made of industrial-grade steel and constructed with a robust design for best-in-class sturdiness and unrivaled performance.

Lebert Fitness Paralettes Push Up Bars – Best Overall

What we like

  • The lightweight design makes it simple to hold and transport while traveling.
  • It has an ergonomic design that provides excellent wrist comfort.
  • It has a broad base that provides precise stability and durability.
  • 400 lbs. max weight capacity

What we don’t like

  • The screw holes on the base of the parallette bars may not be tapped sufficiently.
  • Anti-skid feature can be improved.

Lebert Parallette Bars are a must-have piece of equipment for any bodyweight strength and conditioning activity or program. What we enjoy best about it is its strong structure, grip, and stability. It had a flawless powder-coated surface with no paint chips.

It has robust and non-slip foam cushioning for comfort and can handle up to 400 pounds of maximum weight. It’s designed like a tank yet isn’t bulky. For outdoor training, it is extremely portable.

These are great for executing dips, pushups, L-sits, stretches, and many other bodyweight strength training exercises because of their solid iron design and high density, anti-slide commercial quality grips.

While it includes anti-skid rubber plugs and a broad base for stability, we discovered that traction could be improved, particularly while executing wide push-ups or wide handstands and other advanced inverted movements. However, it is not a deal-breaker.

Juperbsky Paralettes – Best Sturdy

What we like

  • It is made of heavy-duty steel and can support more than 2200 pounds.
  • It has Wide bases with non-slip caps at either end to provide further stability.
  • TPR handle coverings that are abrasion resistant and give a firm and pleasant grip

What we don’t like

  • It can be quite small for some people.

The JuperbSky parallettes with foam grips are ideal for improving general upper body growth, particularly the chest and triceps. They give a deeper stretch, allowing you to create stronger muscles, which makes one of the best parallettes bars on the market.

Except for weight training, no other exercise more effectively strengthens and tones the pectoral and triceps muscles than pushups. You’ll have a broader range of motion during pushups if you grab the JuperbSky parallettes.

Because the stands are compact, they can be simply stored in a closet or stuffed into luggage while traveling. It features the ideal handle angle to avoid wrist strain and improve motion performance. The heavy-duty steel design can withstand loads of up to 2200 pounds as it has wide-enough bases with non-slip caps at either end for stability.

Rubberbanditz Paralettes – Best Budget

What we like

  • The equipment comes with workout programs printed for use
  • It’s quite affordable
  • The parallettes have a thinner grip, thus having it easier on the wrists 
  • It’s relatively light and can be packed easily because of its portability

What we don’t like

  • The distance between the floor and the handle is relatively small, so there are fewer exercises.
  • Made of steel rather than wood
  • Low weight capacity of 200 lbs.

These lightweight parallettes were created and developed by exercise specialists at RubberBanditz: the go-to calisthenics body weight training equipment company, and partners with the Battle of the Bars and World Calisthenics Organization.

The equipment measures 16 x 8.5 x 9 inches with a 1-inch stainless steel tube diameter. These compact and multi-dimensional parallettes allow users to efficiently execute a variety of upper body workouts that includes gymnastics, CrossFit, and calisthenics motions of all types.

And it can be performed from any size location as they’re also easy to travel with and configure. Not to mention that the parallettes are hand-welded at the joints for optimal durability. With its low pricing, it’s one of the best parallette bars that you can buy.

Pull Up & Dip Fitness Paralettes – Best for Ergonomics

What we like

  • The extra-wide handle ensures a secure grip and safeguards your wrists.
  • The rubber feet’s uniquely constructed coaxial and thick rubber feet are adjustable.
  • They are constructed of high-quality materials and are quite stable.
  • Max weight capacity of 400 lbs.

What we don’t like

  • Requires stable and sturdy blocks to be utilized as dip bars.

The parallettes are cleverly created as a hybrid, combining a steel base with natural beech wood handles to produce an aesthetically pleasing and useful product.

Unlike parallettes constructed entirely of wood, the steel base rests firmly without shaking and provides further security that the parallettes will support your weight without trouble. The parallettes come in two sizes, with the medium parallettes standing at 30cm and the low parallettes standing at 10cm.

The handles are developed to be kind of thicker than the standard steel handles used by other brands, providing

JFIT Pro Push-Ups Bar Stand – Best For Elevation

What we like

  • Constructed of chrome-plated metal, which resists corrosion.
  • The handles are wrapped in slip-resistant padding that helps to prevent strain on your wrist.
  • The bars stay in place because they have a non-skid rubber feet.
  • Comfortable and durable neoprene grips and with extra tall clearance (9“ or 11”)

What we don’t like

  • Because of its material, the bars may bend easily if it gets too heavy
  • Not ideal for heavier users

The JFIT parallette bars are a low-cost way to satisfy this requirement for elevating oneself off the ground for activities like pushups and dips. The sticky base is a fantastic feature that makes a big difference when you’re trying to concentrate on form.

The ergonomic handgrip can say the same, which comfortably fits the palm. The equipment is tiny enough to toss in the back of a car and transport anywhere, making them ideal for individuals who prefer to workout on the road or outside.

These parallette bars are very adaptable, serving as a set of parallettes for anybody wishing to enhance their planches and other exercises.

Redipo Push Up Bars – Best For Heavy Weights

What we like

  • Wrist support has been improved with better ergonomics.
  • The effect on the chest and abdominal muscles is maximized with its design.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack and carry.
  • Money-back guarantee in full.
  • Decent 350 lbs. weight capacity

What we don’t like

  • On some floor surfaces, the hard plastic base may not give a solid grip.

The Push Ups Bar from Redipo are composed of polypropylene and steel parallettes, and they come with foam hand cushions. The Redipo Push Up bar is designed to hold 300 pounds and rise 5 inches above the ground, according to the company.

You may also easily disassemble the Redipo bars to transport them on a trip or keep them in a filled closet for the long term. They provide excellent comfort while working out and are angled to provide a more dynamic range of motion based on the exercise performed.

The base is really robust, and the grips are very pleasant, so these are a very solid pieces of equipment.

Body Power Push Up Stand Paralettes – Best For Tall People

What we like

  • An inbuilt knurling grip that aids in a firm hold without the risk of slipping out.
  • The bar is are made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability.
  • Very inexpensive, well-made, and adaptable.
  • Assembly is simple, but they include a tool to make it much easier.
  • The maximum weight allowed is 380 pounds

What we don’t like

  • This device is substantially bigger than standard push ups bar, at 24-inches tall.
  • Some folks find it a little bulky.
  • Knurling the grip does not improve ergonomics. You’ll have a hard time holding on either way.

From rehabilitative exercises to HIIT plyometric circuits to yoga calisthenics, cheap and efficient home workout equipment may help you improve your at-home training regimen.

Feel-good hand grips on 1.5″ diameter comfort-rounded U-shaped handles are included for dips, arm balancing, bodyweight training, V-sit, tuck, and handstand push ups. The parallette bars has four non-slip rubber feet for optimal stability and a sleek matte powder-coat surface for sweat-resistant, anti-slip safety.

The robot-welded high gauge and heavy-duty carbon steel foundation can sustain up to 380 pounds of body weight, and consistent welds guarantee a safe and uniform distribution of stress points.

With a tiny, compact design and better support for all fitness levels, you can get the most out of your workout even if time and room are limited.

The Beam Store Paralettes – Best For Stability

What we like

  • Even throughout strenuous workouts, it remains sturdy and steady.
  • Small and easily transportable
  • No fasteners are required due to the welded structure.

What we don’t like

  • With sweaty palms, the glossy and smooth texture might make your grasp slick.

This equipment is secure and perfect for handstand pushups and other similar fitness activities due to the robust rubber feet and have a solid, balanced, and comfortable bars.

Due to its capability to support 250 pounds, some users reported no wobbling or flexing even when heavy individuals did additional sophisticated inverted exercises.

Others argue that limited ground clearance may impose constraints on the range of motion when persons with a longer torso attempt to do certain exercises such as dips.

However, the addition of non-slip rubber feet that covers to the bottoms of the metal stands prevents sliding and protects the floor.

With Gear Folding Paralettes – Best Portability

What we like

  • All of the parts are held together by an inside elastic cord design.
  • Easily transportable and packable
  • Excellent for traveling and can support up to 660 lbs.
  • Money-back guarantee for one year

What we don’t like

  • After a time, the foam rubber handles will deteriorate.
  • Only the internal bungee holds the stands together; no screws are used.

The Withgear Push-Up Bar decreased bulk and maximized portability through a functional design and folding technology. Thanks to the innovative elastic band system, it can be quickly assembled and dismantled.

You can accomplish the finest pushup possible no matter where you are, such as in the garden, in the dirt, or in an inside place. It is made of duralumin, a high-quality aviation material, and its sleek and well-finished appearance will lend a touch of sophistication.

The height of the pushup parallette, at more than 8 inches, gives a deeper stretch for the chest, triceps, and shoulders, as well as intense stimulation to the core, all in the same action.

Vita Vibe Wood Paralettes Set – Best For Travelling

What we like

  • Lightweight and can be easily packed
  • Having a steel structure that is long-lasting and stable
  • The ash beam offers ergonomic support.
  • It has a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Guarantees to have a 10-year warranty

What we don’t like

  • Bolts are protruding and might be harmful if you fall on top of them.
  • It’s quite heavy, so it’s not portable and intended for outdoor use.
  • Low max weight support of up to 250 lbs.

The Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes are lightweight and ideal for amateurs. The bars are made of beautiful wood, while the base is built of strong powder-coated steel parallettes bars. These mini-sized parallettes bars are ideal for travel as it’s incredibly portable parallettes.

When you’re on the move, you often have to leave your valued equipment behind. This is no longer an issue with these little parallettes.

When you use this wood parallettes set for pushups, you will have a greater range of motion, allowing you to dig deeper into your pushups, and because you’ll be off the floor, they can also aid with wrist discomfort.

Final Verdict

When it comes to parallettes, our top selection is the one we started with: Lebert Fitness Paralettes Push Up Bar. These provide the finest balance of sturdiness and comfort, and while the clearance isn’t perfect, they’re the most functional.

Lebert Fitness Paralettes Push Up Bar combines the qualities of a good pair of P-bars with the simplicity and comfort of parallettes. They achieve a fantastic balance and provide a high-quality experience for home bodyweight training.

Also, if you’re searching for a low-cost option, the Rubberbandits Paralettes are an excellent option. These are effective at a minimal cost and might be ideal for your demands.

Buying Guide


When acquiring any piece of equipment, you want to make certain that your investment will last. Parallettes are no exception because they must withstand your complete bodyweight.

Parallettes are available in various materials, including steel, wood, and even plastic pipe. Metal parallettes are stronger and more lasting, but many people prefer wood since it looks prettier and feels more pleasant and ergonomic.

Stability and Durability

The steadiness of the parallettes is critical for both safety and effective technique development. When the gymnast is practicing, the base of the parallettes must be long enough to keep the parallettes from wobbling or toppling over.

The length of the parallette’s base should be proportional to the height of the parallettes. The foundation should be as long as the parallettes are tall to prevent swaying or toppling over.

Wood is a common material in the best parallette bars on the market today. The wood must be both strong and reliable. Though maple wood is the most durable, its weight may be an issue in portability.

PVC parallettes has shown to be a highly durable and lightweight material, but it creates a small bend in the bar, similar to the flex seen in gymnasts competing on parallel bars. However, the PVC must be strengthened with strong glue to ensure longevity and durability.


The size of the rails of the parallettes should be as near to the size of the rails of the parallel bar. This is especially useful for beginners since it increases familiarity with the parallel bars.

The size and form of a parallel bar rail might vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, but we’ve found that a diameter of 1.5 inches is roughly the average size.

Weight Capacity

The typical weight capacity of parallettes ranges from 200 to 450 lbs, depending on the material used. It will also be determined by its structure, features, and primary training regime.

There are also parallettes with even lower load restrictions, such as the Juperbsky Paralettes, which have a load limit of just 200 lbs. When purchasing a parallette, consider your body weight and the sort of training you intend to conduct with it.


When it comes to parallettes, they are generally comprised of two materials: wood and steel. However, there have been several inventive versions that employ thick plastic since it is lighter in recent years.

With that in mind, the pricing will then range between $50 to $250, depending on the sort of material you pick and the overall weight it can handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you use parallettes in your routine, you will work your shoulders, back, chest, and core. These include the growth and improvement of your upper body and core strength, as well as stability, balance, and power.

According to research, the distance between the top of the parallette bars and the ground should be roughly 7 inches. This provides space for both novice and experienced athletes gymnasts while not being too high as to jeopardize the stability and safety of the parallettes and yourself.

When it comes to building an enormously muscular physique and becoming shredded, parallette calisthenics is a great way to maximize your bodyweight training.

They can also be used as parallettes, which are little parallette bars that mimic the parallel bars used by gymnasts. Certain gymnastics techniques, such as L-sits, planches, and handstand push ups, can benefit from the usage of a push up bar.

It will improve your upper body strength, vertical pressing power, and cohesion and motor coordination throughout the shoulders, abs, torso, and arms.

Wooden parallettes offer the finest grip sensation since they stay extremely good even when wet and have a tiny degree of “give” that feels excellent.

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