If you like to build your body using calisthenics, aka bodyweight exercises, a power tower is a good choice for home gym equipment. It consists of a pull-up bar, dip station, vertical knee raise station, and even handles for push-ups.

By integrating a workout bench with conventional power towers, they have been upgraded to allow you to do dumbbell and barbell movements for the upper and lower body.

Having a single piece of fitness equipment with multiple workout stations makes power towers a solid choice. And the added bench for ab and free weight work makes this already versatile gym piece even more so.

Not all power towers are built the same. So, in this blog, we will be giving you a list of the best power towers starting with our editor’s pick – with the highest weight capacity, adjustable, heavy-duty, and super sturdy calisthenics workout tower – the Yot 880lb. Multifunctional Power Tower With Bench

We will tell you how to pick your best power tower with bench from our 10-tier list based on features you should look at in the buying guide.

Best Power Tower With Bench at a Glance

YOT Pull Up Bar Multi-Functional Power Tower

Our top choice is this stable and height-adjustable power tower that has a staggering weight capacity of 880 pounds thanks to its thick steel construction and long base with suction cup-like footpads and has an integrated bench and j-cups for dumbbell and barbell work.

SPART Power Tower Pull Up Bar

Besides its adjustable dip and pull-up station heights, its bench is detached and adjustable bench from decline to incline at 7 angles, making it the best choice for those looking to combine calisthenics with free weight movements like dumbbell presses.

HAKENO Power Tower

With a 400-pound weight capacity, adjustable bench in 4 levels from flat to incline, barbell rack pins, pull-up bar adjustment from 60 to 87 inches, and adjustable knee raise handle length, this is the best choice for those on a tight budget.

Yot 880lb. Multifunctional Power Tower With Bench – Best Overall

What we like

  • 880-lbs max capacity
  • Sturdy H frame base
  • Can accommodate very tall and heavy individuals
  • VKR

What we don’t like

  • Large footprint
  • VKR handles are not adjustable

This heavy-duty power tower has a weight capacity of 880 pounds with an adjustable pull-up bar up to 92.5 inches. Thus, it can take on even the largest (heavy and tall) calisthenics enthusiasts. With the integrated bench and 2-level barbell hooks, heavy poundages are not a problem.

The stable design, durable materials used, and exercise versatility it offers that allow you to hit all body parts, combined with its price, make it the best power tower with a bench on our list.

Spart Power Tower With Bench – Best Bench

What we like

  • Detached, adjustable, foldable, durable strength bench
  • Additional workout accessories
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Anti-slip base

What we don’t like

  • Limited pull-up bar grip options
  • Short dip handles

This 440-pound able exercise tower is capable of 13 height adjustments from 59.06’’ to 90.55’’. And it comes with a strap grip for chin-ups and exercise band accessories for a more diverse range of exercises.

Its best feature is that it is the only one on the list that comes with a detached bench that is also foldable for better floor space management. Its bench is adjustable from several decline s, flat, and incline positions to target more muscle groups, such as the bench press and its variations.

Hakeno Power Tower With Weight Bench – Best Budget

What we like

  • Adjustable weight bench, pull up bar, and VKR handle
  • Multiple crossbars for sturdiness
  • With barbell pins
  • 400-pound capacity

What we don’t like

  • Narrow foot base
  • Limited pull-up bar grip options

There is a lot of value packed into this low-priced workout tower with bench. It has a 9-level adjustable pull-up bar, adjustable handle length for vertical knee raises, and a detachable backrest.

Plus, it has a 4-level weight bench with barbell pins for flat and incline pressing. Thus, you can hit your push, pull, and even leg muscles with bodyweight and free weight training that suits your leverages.

Yot Adjustable Power Tower With Bench and Dip Stand – Best for Low-Ceilings

What we like

  • 550-lb weight capacity
  • Sturdy base
  • Double crossbars
  • Foldable, adjustable sit up bench

What we don’t like

  • No back raise for vertical knee raise station 
  • Can be pricey

Its highest adjustment among the 7 levels is 88 inches, making it suitable for those who have a low ceiling for their gym space, such as most basements. The tough steel frame can handle up to 550 pounds of user weight.

The bench is only good for ab work, as the construction and adjustment mechanism can make it unsafe for heavy dumbbell pressing. However, it is foldable, so you can easily free up floor area and save space after a workout session.

Kicode Adjustable Power Tower With Weight Bench– Best Adjustability

What we like

  • Multiple adjustment features in pull-ups and dip station
  • Adjustable leg hooks for sit up bench
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Wide pull-up bar adjustment range to accommodate all individuals

What we don’t like

  • Poor locking/securing function for the bench
  • May wobble at high pull up bar adjustments

This Kicode power tower has an adjustable pull-up bar, and its vertical knee raise station’s back cushion and handles are also adjustable. Thus, you’ll be able to find the right height and lengths for these stations and be able to work out comfortably.

It also has two levels of j-hooks on the bench-end of the tower that can support a barbell or any bar to support the ankles for hamstring stretches.

Harison Multifunction Power Tower With Bench – Best Stability

What we like

  • Double, high, and low crossbars for stability
  • Thick, heavy-duty steel frame
  • Wide bench, back, and arm pads
  • Elevated push-up/isometric sit-up handles

What we don’t like

  • More expensive than most power towers
  • Large footprint

Designed for utmost stability, the Harison Multifunction Power Tower has slanted uprights to minimize rocking and an extended base with rubber caps to avoid slipping – giving it a solid base.

Another notable feature is that the dip station and pull-up station are on opposite sides. This gives you better freedom and versatility in terms of using the pull-up bars, such as doing windshield wipers for abs or archer pull-ups for the back muscles.

Reliance Power Tower With Bench – Best for Beginners

What we like

  • Moveable bench
  • High weight capacity
  • Triple crossbar adds stability

What we don’t like

  • Not for explosive movements like kipping pull-ups
  • Small backrest for vertical knee raises

With a heavy-duty powder-coated steel tube frame, this exercise tower with bench has a whopping 800-pound capacity. And, that capacity won’t go to waste since it has two barbell j-hooks for bench presses and pulls. The arched stability bars make it safe and sturdy.

The adjustable workout bench can also be moved on the dip station side of the tower for assisted dips and pull-ups, making it a good beginner’s choice for a power tower.

Yot 660lb Power Tower with Bench Pull Up Bar – Best for Heavy Barbell Work

What we like

  • Great for explosive calisthenic movements like muscle-ups
  • Adjustable bench from decline to incline
  • Space-saving
  • 660-lb capacity

What we don’t like

  • No backrest
  • It is a bit pricey

If you’d like to supplement your calisthenics work with heavy barbell movements, then this is the best choice. It has large steel posts reinforced by a triangle support plate, and the barbell rack is welded securely in place. This bodyweight training tower is built like a power rack.

The integrated workout bench is foldable, and the tower has a fairly small footprint, making it ideal for tight spaces.

Flybird Adjustable Weight Bench – Best Bench Accessory

What we like

  • Foldable
  • Optimizes back and upper body position while benching
  • 2-inch foam padding
  • 800-lb. max weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble and fold for portability and storage

What we don’t like

  • Costs as much as a low-end power tower

This adjustable weight bench is a great addition to your stand-alone power towers. The commercial-grade steel and triangular design of the frame allow this bench to hold up to 800 pounds, providing great stability and support.

It allows for 7 back pad positions, 95 to 215 degrees, and 3 seat positions to lock your body in place while doing your sets. And it is lined with wide and thick cushions to give you a solid yet comfortable base.

Body Champ Multifunction Pull Up Bar – Best Cheap Power Tower

What we like

  • Double-sided workout station
  • Thick and contoured padding
  • With two crossbars
  • 250-lb. max weight capacity
  • 4-station power tower for a very versatile full-body workout

What we don’t like

  • 250-pound capacity
  • May need to be anchored for better stability

This is a quintessential bodyweight training workout tower for the budget-constricted folks that want to get into fitness without having to go to a commercial gym or buy expensive equipment. This double-sided power tower allows you to perform the foundational calisthenics movements, chin-ups, dips, push-ups, and ab raises.

It may not be as well-built as the other tower on our list, but this affordable piece of fitness equipment will help you build muscle size, strength, and endurance.

Final Verdict

A power tower with bench is definitely a valuable piece of fitness equipment. It’ll allow you to work all parts of your body to get you fitter and stronger.

Looking at our comprehensive list, there are many great options available. And the best will depend on what will suit your needs, help you accomplish what you want, and what will fit your resources, such as your budget and gym space.

One of the best power towers for us is the Yot 880lb. Multifunctional Power Tower With Bench. This multi-exercise gym tower is highly stable and loadable with its almost 900-lb capacity. Plus, the bench is not only for ab work but also for barbell and dumbbell pressing and pulling. And with the fair price tag, it’s hard to find other exercise towers that could rival it.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Power Tower with Bench?

Material, Durability, and Sturdiness

To pick out a power tower with bench that will last, look for one with a thick steel frame, reinforced uprights or welded joints, crossbars to keep it from wobbling (2 or more is ideal), and an extended, wide, or large base.

Choose the best-built gym tower that your budget will allow instead of trying to save money on a cheaply manufactured, wobbly, unstable one that might cost you more money in the long run.

Weight Limit

Keep in mind that you’ll be pushing, pulling, and tugging on it, and physic will tell you that your weight will be multiplied by gravity, thus, creating bigger sheer forces on the tower and its joints and welds.

Thus, it’s not only your bodyweight that you’ll have to consider when looking for a power tower. So, look for a gym tower that’s significantly higher than your body weight. The higher the weight capacity, the better.


A good exercise tower should be able to accommodate your height and the size of your limbs. So, go for ones that have adjustable pull-up bars, vertical knee raise stations, backrest and handles, adjustable bench, and multilevel barbell racks.

Also, look at the pull-up grips; how many hand positions will you be able to do? Ideally, they should allow all three: pronated, neutral, and supinated grip. Angled dip bars are also something to look for.


Do diligent research by looking at a lot of products and checking their reviews. You should look to buy the best exercise tower you can afford that also meets your needs. 

Always contrast the price with the quality of the build. Think that you’re investing for long-term good health, not just a piece of equipment, and get the best quality your budget can get.


Look for added bands, j-cups aka barbell rack, a push-up bar at the bottom, leg extension/curl attachment, leg rollers for abs, and even band pegs to get the most exercises out of your power tower. Some towers also include additional handles and exercise bands to sweeten the deal.

Also, the backrest, elbow rest, sit-up bench cushions, and handle grips act to minimize fatigue and let you work out for a longer duration. So, it is important that these features on the tower are of good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, a sturdy calisthenics tower is one with a high weight capacity, wide base, heavy-duty frame, reinforced uprights, and is equipped with one or more crossbars—the Yot 880lb. Multifunctional Power Tower With Bench easily fits these criteria.

Yes, owning a bench will allow you to add free weights to your resistance training and will open up significantly more room for muscle strength and size gains.

Yes, it allows you to get a full-body workout using plain bodyweight that will increase your level of fitness and improve your quality of life.

This depends on the design and capacity of the power tower. Some power towers do not have an integrated barbell rack, and while some do, they are placed too low or have too low of a weight capacity to make it a good squat rack. You’ll be better off purchasing an actual squat rack or a cheaper alternative, a squat stand.

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