The core is a major muscle group in the human body. It is responsible for improving your balance and stability, eliminating back pain, achieving an upright posture, and many more. 

It may not be so evident, but we use our core strength for a lot of mundane everyday things such as pulling, pushing, carrying, and gaiting.

On the surface of the core muscles are the abdominal muscles or what we fondly call “abs”. Here you can find the lower abs, obliques, upper abs, serratus, and transverse abdominus. Aside from playing major roles as your body’s main stabilizers, having a nice set of abs helps achieve a well-balanced physique.

Our Editor’s Pick, the Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench, can very well help you achieve all of these goals. This particular sit up bench is an easy favorite for us, given its complete set of features and astounding 600 lbs weight capacity, all under a reasonable price.

In this article, we focus on reviewing 10 best sit up benches altogether in various categories – from the most affordable to most splurge-worthy to most beginner-friendly, and more. 

Each one is designed to provide stability and safety you will need in performing core exercises that will help you achieve functional, healthy, and aesthetic rock-hard abs in 2022.

Best Sit Up Benches at a Glance

Bowflex 5.1S Adjustable & Stowable Bench

Choosing the best among all ab benches featured in the list, our highly recommended Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench comes with a 600 lbs weight capacity, 6 adjustable positions, and solid steel construction for rigid, durable, and long-term utility.

Marcy Multi-Purpose Adjustable Workout Utility Weight Bench

With an adjustable back pad (4 abs positions), high-density padded rollers, and a decent weight limit of 300 lbs, the Marcy Multipurpose Adjustable SB-228 is a great value for money to let you work on your ab muscles seamlessly.

leikefitness Adjustable Weight Bench

The high adjustability of the LeikeFitness Adjustable Weight Bench is topnotch among other sit-up benches in the market, given its 6 pack positions, 3 seat positions, upgraded backrest, and extended seat cushion, all within an impressive 660 lbs weight capacity.

Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench – Best Overall

What we like

  • Convenient stowable structure when not in use
  • Quick assembly within only 30 minutes
  • Highly adjustable for a variety of exercises
  • Sturdy, non-skid feet for stability with 600 lb. weight capacity

What we don’t like

  • No longer covered under warranty
  • Design flaws based on Amazon reviews: poor welding, cheap faux leather cushioning

The Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench may have everything you’re looking for in a solid sit-up bench. It has a heavy-duty construction of alloy steel finished with black paint for an edgy look. It has a total dimension of 49.5 by 28.1 by 61.3 inches, a pretty compact size that suits personal home gyms.

This bench can adjust to 6 positions: 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º, 0º, and -20º, so every abs exercise is possible to achieve without jeopardizing your form or risking your safety. In total, you could choose to fix this sit-up bench in a declined, inclined, or flat position.

As with its other features, you should look forward to its removable leg hold-down brace for added decline position support. This allows you to perform a plethora of non-abs exercises like bench presses and dumbbell rows. We also commend its generous weight limit of 600lbs, so anyone and everyone can use this sit-up bench with no weight worries.

The stowable structure of this sit-up bench is the cherry on top. Once you’re done using it, you can simply fold it up and store it away. It’s convenient, easy, and mess-free. With its weight of 27.2kg or 60lbs, it’s not a massive weight to carry, so you can definitely put it away without needing an extra pair of hands.

Marcy Multipurpose Adjustable SB-228 – Best Budget

What we like

  • Perform safe, efficient, and proper exercises on the padded seat for even weight distribution
  • Ergonomic and convenient utility bench for various exercises, including isolated core workouts
  • Long-lasting scratch and chip resistant steel tube frame
  • Foldable structure for space-saving storage

What we don’t like

  • Maybe a bit narrow for taller individuals – ideal for users under 5’6” based on Amazon reviews
  • The leg support feels somewhat awkward due to the flat back fold and a wide gap between the seat and backrest

You might be looking at sit-up benches like immaculate equipment, but truth be told, they don’t need to be extravagantly expensive to serve their purpose. 

Such in the case of the Marcy Multipurpose Adjustable SB-228 Bench, this ab flat bench can do wonders for your core without making a hole in your wallet. Let’s check out its best features.

Firstly, this sit-up bench is constructed with a lasting combination of powder-coated alloy steel and vinyl rubber. It has an adjustable back pad that allows 4 abs positions: 90º, 45º, 180º, and -45º. Meanwhile, its flat fold back design generally caters to an expanded array of non-abs exercises, making this sit-up bench true to its name: multipurpose!

In terms of the incline and decline bench adjustments, you could fix this bench for flat, declined, or military-style presses. You would also benefit from its high-density padded ankle rollers and knee foam rollers, making inclined pushups, dumbbell rows, and tricep exercises, among others, feasible.

This multipurpose sit-up bench truly caters to a full-body workout that can target your chest, arms, legs, thighs, legs, hamstrings, glutes, quads – with no muscles left neglected. Best of all, you could do all of these under the bench’s weight capacity of 300lbs.

The Marcy Multipurpose Adjustable SB-228 has a dimension of 48 by 26 by 42 inches and a weight of 27lbs or 12kg.

LeikeFitness Adjustable Weight Bench – Best Adjustable Feature

What we like

  • The compact foldable structure fits in cars, storage space, under the bed, or leaning against the wall
  • Unique triangle structure and heavy-duty construction for longevity and durability
  • Soft foam padding for safe and comfortable working sets
  • Easy-clean water-resistant PU leather

What we don’t like

  • No thigh pads for extra support

When it comes to ab exercises, it’s easy to think of decline sit-ups, reverse crunches, and floor sit-ups, among famous ab workouts. However, you can utilize your sit-up bench beyond this, especially when it highlights adjustable features, as seen on the LeikeFitness Adjustable Weight Bench.

Made with foam, industrial-grade thickened steel, and leather, this adjustable bench features 6 back positions, 3 seat positions, and an automatic lock safety. You can freely adjust the sit-up bench to be in an inclined, declined, upright, or flat position, depending on the ab workout you’re performing.

We can assure you that your back will feel comfortable during workouts against the upgraded backrest (30 in), which suits any height, and you will always have a safe seat with the extended seat cushion (17.7 in). The soft foam padding is also undeniably reliable. Once done using, fold and store away with ease.

With a simple pull-and-rotate mechanism, you can adjust the bench to sit on an incline or decline level for your comfort, safety, and form. Get to perform those rows, curls, and presses alongside your ab workouts. 
Some exercises you could do are dumbbell fly, one-arm DB row, sit-ups, and seated DB curls. The LeikeFitness Adjustable Weight Bench has a weight capacity of 600 lbs, dimension of 52 by 18.1 by 44.5 in, and product weight of 32lbs or 15kg.

Flybird Workout Bench 04 – Best Splurge

What we like

  • Best for novice and intermediate lifters
  • Its compact and portable structure saves 70% space (folded dimension: 31.5 by 12.6 by 11.8 inches)
  • Anti-slip foam for safe workouts

What we don’t like

  • Spring-loaded pins might be more suitable to ensure a locked and secured backrest, especially for declined sit-ups

The best sit-up bench doesn’t have to cost a fortune. But if you’re willing to spend more, then you might as well consider getting the Flybird Bench. Don’t let the uncomplicated style of this sit-up bench deceive you – it has better features than you’d think!

It’s noteworthy that FlyBird has been in the industry for 20 years. This gives them the leverage and credibility of producing a wide array of top-notch fitness products. To start with, its commercial thickness steel will assure you of long-term durability. Using this sit-up bench daily or frequently won’t be a problem. 

Performance-wise, this sit-up bench provides 8 backrest positions, 3 seat positions, a 30.1”-long backrest, and a 2”-thick, soft foam padding with breathable PU leather skin. Every feature has been particularly designed to cater to any individual’s chosen ab workout. Meanwhile, the carrying strap is convenient when putting away the Flybird Workout Bench, so no dragging and chipping the floor is involved.

Some ab exercises you can perform are plank crunches, knee tucks, and bench walk-ups. Other exercises like press variations, flys, rows, and tricep dips are also feasible with this adjustable ab bench.

The Flybird Workout Bench has a folded dimension of 30.1” L by 13.8” W by 9.5” H and product weight of 10kg. Its weight limits 700lbs. And it is nicely presented in red and black color. 

Rep Fitness AB3000 FID – Best for Heavy Weight Training

What we like

  • Suitable for use with dumbbells, smith machines,m cages, and power racks
  • Ergonomic support with reliable back angles
  • Minimal pad gap between the seat and the back
  • Back adjustable ladder is made with abrasion resistance chrome to prevent chipping and flaking
  • Impressive 1000-lb. weight capacity

What we don’t like

  • Bulkier in structure compared with similar sit-up benches
  • Expensive

Being a dedicated lifter means applying consistency and diligence on weight training, including isolated abs exercises like reverse crunches, leg raises, and decline sit-ups. If you love combining weights with core exercises, then the Rep Fitness AB3000 FID is made for you.

The fully adjustable incline and decline positions of this sit-up bench create ease and convenience for an experienced lifter. Note that it has 7 ladder adjustments ranging from 85º to -20º. The possibilities are limitless. It also has 4 different seat positions and high-density foam roller pads to help you ease into positions and lock your legs in place for decline work.

For taller or bigger individuals, the wide backrest (11.5”) will provide you with comfort and safety. Off the floor, the sit-up bench has a good floor distance of 17.5 inches when in a flat position.

For non-abs concerns, this ab bench provides an upgraded grippy pad (pad and foot roller), so you can prevent slipping from sweaty hands. You can also find wheels on the rear for ease of transportation.

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench – Best for Small Spaces

What we like

  • Suitable for use with or without dumbbells
  • Easy-to-reach extended hand grips
  • Foldable frame for space-efficient storage
  • The small footprint of the machine makes it suitable for any room

What we don’t like

  • Built for shorter individuals
  • Design flaw: unfixed metal rod securing the L shape of the frame is unfixed and moves as you workout

A good sit-up bench doesn’t have to take up major space in your home gym, as the Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench proves true. By far with the most compact structure, this sit-up bench has a convenient dimension of 36 by 17 by 7 inches. Let’s learn more about its details.

Off the bat, the Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench is a thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery. It provides 4 adjustable levels and an adjustable split thigh support. You will also find the adjustable footrest great for your personal comfort. 

The pivoting foam rollers make this a reliable hyper-back extension bench, while the high-density foam pads add general comfort and support. These features not only prove ab benches effective but also multipurpose and suitable for small spaces.

Work on your Bulgarian split squats, push-ups, bent-over rows, tricep dips, and all your favorite core exercises with the Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench. Have no worries with its 250 lbs weight limit.

Finer Form 5-in-1 Weight Bench – Best Versatility

What we like

  • Folds easily and stores quickly under the bed or inside closets – ideal for smaller spaces like apartments, offices, and small home gyms
  • Free workout chart to guide you through your ab workout
  • Easy assembly under 5 minutes

What we don’t like

  • More suitable for shorter individuals

Versatility is the key to enjoying any workout, and the Finer Form 5-in-1 Weight Bench understood this with its versatile features and high functioning sit-up bench.

To start with, the Finer Form 5-in-1 Weight Bench features 4 different positions to fix the bench. You can use it as a flat bench, incline bench, decline bench, and upright bench. It also offers 8 adjustable back pad settings and 3 adjustable seat settings when other sit-up benches only offer 6 back pad levels.

You’ll love the fact that this sit-up bench may look compact and slim with its 57 by 13 by 17 inches dimension, but it has an astounding 660lbs weight limit which can undoubtedly cater to the bigger guys.

With a versatile ab bench such as the Finer Form 5-in-1 Weight Bench, you can confidently work on other parts of your body as much as your core. This includes your upper body, quads, and whole torso. Work on your leg lifts, crunches, bench presses, tricep kickbacks, and more, minus the fancy machines that offer the same benefits or less.

Body-Solid Best Fitness Ab Board BFHYP10 – Best for Beginners

What we like

  • Choose from ‘easy disassembly’ and ‘permanent setup’ with the adjustable positions using safety pins and bolts
  • Skid-free rubber-gripped positioning handles
  • Its uncomplicated and intuitive design suits beginners

What we don’t like

  • The weight limit per user unlisted
  • Works best for shorter individuals

Core exercises are as important for beginners as they are for experienced lifters. As a newbie, you’re most likely looking for a beginner-friendly sit-up bench that’s easy to figure out, assemble, operate, and store away. 

For all these things, you can trust the Body-Solid Best Fitness Ab Board BFHYP10 to deliver. Looking at it, the Body-Solid sit-up bench is pretty simple and straightforward to use. It also has a plain design that sets it apart from its more premium counterparts. 

But don’t underestimate this ab bench as its best feature is the perfect combination of a utility slant board for ab crunches and \ to lock your legs during hyperextensions. All in all, this has 6 adjustable hyperextensions positions for standing and angled positions and 3 positions for the lower leg support. The latter allows angles of 15º, 20º, and 25º. 

Should you ever need it, Body-Solid offers an in-home 3-year warranty for the frame and a 1-year warranty on all other parts.

Marcy Utility Slant Board SB4606 – Best for Tall Users

What we like

  • Slim foldable and portable structure – easily fold it up and store away after use or transport conveniently
  • Extended back support for tall individuals
  • Extra cushioned on the feet and behind the knees for optimal performance

What we don’t like

  • No weight limit listed

Looking at the sit-up benches we’ve reviewed so far, some benches are great as an adjustable decline ab bench, most have a sturdy steel frame and leg rollers, but the back support is always a potential issue for tall guys. For this problem area, we resolve it with no other than the Marcy Utility Board. It measures 58.5L x 18W x 29H inches, which is one of the longest benches in the review.

Perfect for your favorite ab exercises, this sit-up bench is made with a heavy-duty steel frame with a powder-coated finish, a high-density cushion, and a great color combination of black and red. Its features include 4 angled positions and an optimized backrest for wider support and longer length.

The four padded handles enable better grip, while the foam-padded headrest provides sufficient support on the head at the end of the board. It’s also worth looking forward to the adjustable leg height that will let you position your legs comfortably and perform your exercises with confidence.

XMark Utility Slant Board – Best Durable

What we like

  • Easily mount and dismount on the ab bench with the bullhorn handle
  • Moveable machine using the transport wheels
  • Extra thick, double-stitched DuraGuard vinyl cushions
  • Near premium gym quality

What we don’t like

  • Heavier than other sit-up benches by 5 to 10kg
  • Huge dimension – takes up significant floor space
  • A tad more expensive than a similar decline sit up bench

Much is to be appreciated with the Xmark Adjustable Decline Ab Bench, starting with its trusted durability. The mainframe of this utility sit-up bench is made with 11-gauge steel construction, so it promises longevity on top of frequent usage.  

With its ab performance, its 12 levels of decline adjustments are worth looking forward to and offer more positions and challenges compared with other decline bench presses in the market. It also has a convenient pop pin to make adjustments swift and easy, as well as a bullhorn handler for your optimum safety and convenience.

For proper back support and leg security, this exercise bench features a leg holder, sufficient back support (2 by 3 inches), and comfortable foam rollers (4.33 inches). Meanwhile, the rear transportation wheels assist in moving the exercise equipment when done using. 

All these features make the Xmark Adjustable Decline Ab Bench extra durable, maybe for a higher price tag but something definitely worth the investment to keep you safe and comfortable in your workouts.

Our Verdict

Core exercises are more than just for attaining rock-hard abs. They improve your coordination, balance, and overall strength. Investing in a sit-up bar or decline ab workout bench is a commendable upgrade from floor sit-ups. 

For the best overall, allow us to highlight the Bowflex 5.1S Stowable Bench as our Top Pick. Its prime features like 6 adjustable positions, 600 lbs weight limit, and stowable structure are not only great for every fitness level but also give you great value for money. 

The XMark Utility Slant Board is another great sit-up bench to consider. It takes pride in its durability and, more so, provides plenty of position options with its 12 levels of decline, wide back support, and convenient bullhorn handle.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Sit Up Bench

Adjustability and Versatility

A standard sit-up bench has at least 4 back support adjustment settings and 3 seat settings. Some sit-up benches, such as the XMark Utility Slant Board, offer 12 levels of decline adjustment, which gives you plenty of exercises to try out.

Maximum User Weight

According to our research, the typical user weight limits on the sit-up benches are 250 lbs, 300 lbs, 600 lbs, and 1,000 lbs. Sit-up benches with a 250 lbs weight limit are best for smaller individuals, while a maximum user weight capacity of 1,000 lbs, such as seen on the Rep Fitness FID, is best for heavy-weight lifters that carry plenty of muscle mass.

Material, Construction, and Dimension

The standard material combinations for ab benches are alloy steel (mainframe), vinyl (padding or cushion), and foam (rollers and leg support). Some sit-up benches are bulkier and heavier than others as they provide more support for non-abs exercises. Smaller sit-up benches are either built for shorter individuals or designed for space efficiency and portability.


We recommend looking for a sit-up bench that costs at least $100 and provides the basic, long-term functions you’ll need. This is a good price range that won’t rip your wallet and is not suspiciously cheap, either. For options, check out Marcy Utility Slant Board, FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench, LeikeFitness Adjustable Weight Bench, and Marcy Multi-Purpose Bench.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reverse crunches, leg lifts, and other famous ab exercises are suitably done on the floor. However, if you want to take it up a notch and find better angles to hit your obliques and ab muscles and feel more burn, a decline sit-up bench is a sound investment for your long-term fitness using affordable exercise equipment.

Choose the best sit-up bench for you by looking at your budget, current fitness level, future goals, body weight, and accessory needs. 

Some noteworthy questions to ask yourself: Can I afford a more expensive bench if given the availability? Do I plan on using the bench for non-abs exercises? How much floor space am I willing to allocate for a sit-up bench?

Ab benches are a great investment to kickstart your abs program. With a sit-up bench, you have better access to more core exercises that are typically hard to perform only on the floor. In fitness reality, a good sit-up bench will help you a great deal in terms of your coordination, balance, and strength.

Sit-up benches are also called decline ab bench based on the positioning. The board itself could also be referred to as a slant board because of its permanently slanted angle.

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