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Best Treadmill Mats – Top 7 Reviews 2020

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If you’re using a heavy treadmill at home, you may want to consider investing in a quality treadmill mat. These mats can prevent the heavy machine from scarring your floor and decrease the amount of noise it makes while in use.  Heavy equipment tends to cause damage on your floors as well as on the equipment itself over a long period of time. Most of the mats we included are thick enough, reduces noise, and prevent slippage. These mats are made of the best quality materials we found in the market, so you don’t have to worry about durability.

We reviewed many different mats to help you choose the best treadmill mat for your house. Out of all those we reviewed, the EWONDERWORLD Premium Quality Extra Thick Interlocking Treadmill Mat was by far the best. However, we enjoyed the ProSource Fit Treadmill and Exercise Equipment Mat as well, since it is durable and made with high quality materials at a lower price point.

Things We Liked​

Things We Didn't Like​

We particularly liked this mat because it comes with extra-thick high-quality EVA foam, which ensures that vibrations are quickly canceled out. Plus, you can move the tiles in whatever shape or size you want.  For less than $50 you’ll get 21 Pieces of 12”x 12” extra thick black EVA foam tiles, cleaning is also super-easy since it is water-resistant and made to last for 10 years. 

If you are going to invest in high quality and durable mat then this is the best option. It is made extra thick to accommodate the heavier treadmills, not only protecting your equipment but as well your floor. 

Things We Liked​

Things We Didn't Like​

This dense mat is designed to absorb vibrations and quiet sound. It is quite large and effortless to clean using a damp cloth. It is suitable for use with a treadmill, as well as other large pieces of exercise equipment or even benches.  It is made of slip-resistant PVC for extra durability and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

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Things We Didn't Like​

This simple mat is quite inexpensive, while still doing its job pretty well. It is high-density to protect your floors while also preventing slippage. It is designed to absorb vibrations, which helps reduce noise and improve the life of your machine. 

Things We Liked​

Things We Didn't Like​

This commercial-grade mat weighs 25-pounds and is one of the most durable we’ve reviewed. It is designed to handle nearly anything you throw at it. It prolongs the life of your floor and equipment by preventing carpet dust from electronic and mechanical parts, as well as dampening vibrations.

Things We Liked​

Things We Didn't Like​

Made with commercial-grade rubber, the primary purpose of this mat is to reduce the amount of shock and noise produced by your treadmill. The rubber is durable and designed to not tear with repeated use. Plus, it is made in the USA from recycled tires. 

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Things We Didn't Like​

One of the most inexpensive and best treadmill mats you can find in the market, but made of strong and durable material. Its unique punching design can effectively increase friction, reduce vibration and noise. This treadmill mats comes with six non-interlocking squares that you can place under your equipment, at the same protecting your floor surfaces and or carpet from unwanted damage and scratches. This mat also comes with a lifetime warranty which is a big win-win for users.

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Unlike another one-piece option mat, the Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Equipment Mat is a Multipurpose mat you can also use on Elliptical, Spin Bike or Recumbent Bikes. It can also serve as a fitness mat or jump rope mat. For less than $40, you can get this heavy-duty, durable and waterproof exercise mat that can prolong the life of your equipment. The mat is made with high-density EVA foam material for greater durability and comfort. Absorbs vibration to protect your fitness equipment and floor surfaces from scratches. It is also lightweight, non-slip and water-resistant. No wonder this mat is a go-to mat for the fitness enthusiasts.

Other Recommended Treadmill Mats

Our Verdict

Treadmill mats are essential, no matter what sort of flooring or treadmill you have. They prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear and can improve the longevity of your machine.  We reviewed various treadmill mats and some claimed to be the best. But out of all of them, the EWONDERWORLD Premium Quality Extra Thick Interlocking Treadmill Mat was vetted by Fitboot as the best treadmill mat. It’s unique, and interlocking tiles design makes it easy to set it up exactly how you want it, as well as store it away when you don’t need it. Plus, it is made of high-quality materials that can withstand significant use. You can use it on just about any flooring as well, including carpet and hardwood. 

Another good option is the ProSource Fit Treadmill & Exercise Equipment Mats. This mat is very durable and designed to be used on both hardwood and carpeted floorings. It is made with high-density materials to ensure that it stands the test of time. It also absorbs vibrations quite well, creating a quieter workout. 

Buyer's Guide

Why Should I Get a Treadmill Mat?

While you can use a treadmill without a mat, you risk damaging your floors by doing so. Treadmills are substantial pieces of equipment, and the constant up-and-down motion can easily injure your floors – even those with carpeting. 

Plus, if your floors are carpet, the carpet particles knocked up by the machine can damage your machine’s sensitive gears and belts. This can negatively impact the lifespan of your machine immensely. Furthermore, these little particles can coat your lights and other surfaces, making the room far dustier than it would be otherwise. 

Protecting your floor and machine is essential, which is why we recommend a treadmill mat. These little mats are often reasonably inexpensive as well, so there isn’t a reason not to purchase one. 

What To Look for When Buying a Treadmill Mat

There are a few different features you should consider when purchasing a treadmill mat. Here are some of the essential attributes to find: 

Size – The mat’s size is the most important thing to consider when making your purchase. After all, if the carpet doesn’t fit underneath your machine, it isn’t going to be very helpful at protecting anything. Most manufacturers sell rugs in a few different sizes, allowing you to select the best option for your machine and workout space.

Durability – On top of the size, you should also consider a mat’s durability. These mats encounter a lot of heavy use, primarily if you work out every day. This extensive use can quickly wear holes and tears in poorly-made mats or those created from low-quality materials. Read through the product reviews or check out our reviews to ensure whichever mat you purchase can withstand your machine. 

Material – Take into account the mat’s material as well. This ties somewhat into durability. Some materials are simply more durable than others. However, certain materials aren’t appropriate for certain types of flooring. Some can bleed into carpets, for example. Others trap moisture under them, which can rot hardwood floors. Plus, some materials can be quite smelly, like rubber, until they’re worn in. 

Non-slip design – Preferably, the mat should be anti-slip as well. When you’re using your treadmill, the constant motion can make the machine move across the top of the mat. Eventually, this movement will cause the mat to end up off of the surface. Mats with anti-slip surfaces prevent this from happening – with various degrees of success. Unless you want to reposition the treadmill every ten minutes, you should ensure that the mat you purchase is anti-slip.

Sweat and Dirt Resistance – Every mat is going to get dirty eventually, which is why ease of cleaning is an important feature to consider. You should avoid mats that can’t be cleaned with a damp cloth or mats that might bleed when exposed to moisture. Sweat and spilled drinks are inevitably going to end up on the mat, and the last thing you want is for the mat’s coloring to bleed everywhere when that happens.

Odor-resistant – In choosing a treadmill mat, stick to the ones that have less unpleasant, plastic like-odor. Although this odor wears off over time, always make it a habit to read the buyer’s guide or consumer reviews to check the materials the mat is made from. Usually, if the mat is sourced from raw materials or environment-friendly materials, it tends to have a minimal odor or almost odor-free. You can also choose the PVC option over foam since it does not produce a strong plastic-like odor.

Frequently Asked Questions


How thick should a treadmill mat be?

While you may think that the thickness of a mat is essential, it isn’t a feature you should put much stock in. Some mats are very thick but are made of materials with a lot of giving. Others are thin but are incredibly durable and hard, which allows them to protect your flooring. 

Thicker is not always better, either. Some thick mats are very squishy, which increases the likelihood that they’ll rip or develop a hole. If a lot of the material is bundled up behind the treadmill, the usual spilling that happens will easily create tears. 

Can I use a yoga mat under my treadmill?

Preferably, you should not use a yoga mat underneath your treadmill. These mats are not designed to hold something as substantial as a treadmill, and therefore, won’t do much to protect your floor. Plus, they won’t significantly help with vibrations either. 

Yoga mats are about the same price as a treadmill mat as well, so in this case, it is just better to choose the option designed for this purpose. 

Can you put a treadmill on the carpet?

Yes, but you should use a mat underneath it. The treadmill will wear-down the carpet over time, just because it’s so heavy. 

Plus, putting a treadmill directly on the carpet will cause the carpet to shed very fine particles. These particles aren’t good for your machine or your air quality. A treadmill mat will prevent this process from occurring. 

How to clean a Treadmill Mat?

Cleaning a treadmill mat is a must especially if you are using it every day. Regular cleaning can also prevent the buildup of dirt and unpleasant odors that can ruin your precious mat. It can as well preserve the condition of your mat, making it usable for a longer period of time.

Whether you own a PVC or a foam mat, cleaning it is easy. You can use a simple soap and water solution to disinfect a mat. An antimicrobial solution is even better to ward off unwanted germs on your floor surface.

Spray the map thoroughly with warm water until cleaned and hang it air dry. Don’t place it on direct sunlight, as direct heat can wear down the foam or PVC making it brittle and can wear down its color. Hang it in an open and airy place, the room temperature is enough to dry it up.

If your treadmill mat emits a strong unpleasant smell you may need to use a stronger disinfectant solution, refer to your manufacturer’s manual to check the right type of disinfectant to use.

Which side of the mat do you need to use?

Most treadmill mats sold in the market have two distinct surfaces. While the other one is intended on the floor surface, the other one is designed to grip the equipment as well as your shoes. You can easily identify the side that is designed to face the floor since it has a smooth side to protect the floor itself but enough to produce friction to keep it in place. On the other hand, depending on the design of your mat, the one that grips the equipment is the more textured side.

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