The upright exercise bike is low-impact and superior for improving cardiovascular health and overall fitness. Plus, it’s a convenient workout tool almost anyone can use in their own space.

Fitboot carefully reviewed the 10 best upright bikes on the market, and it all came down to Assault Fitness AirBike Classic as our top pick. This bike is a commercial grade and powered by air. It has an LCD, 7 workout programs, and is used by CrossFit athletes.

The Nautilus U618 is our runner-up as it offers impressive features such as an adjustable sight line console w/ backlit screen, a heart rate chest strap, and 29 custom workout programs.

Best Upright Exercise Bike at a Glance

ASSAULTFITNESS Assault AirBike Classic

Forged from the highest quality, most durable materials. Programmed to push you to your max, the AssaultBike Classic console gives you seven on-board programs designed to match your mood.

ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike

8 levels of smooth magnetic resistance and a LCD display Console with IPAD bracket effectively tracks your fitness progress with the easy to read multi-function digital monitor. Ergonomic oversized cushion seat for your best comfort.

Nautilus U618 Upright Bike

A top-of-the-line bike with 29 workout programs, 25 levels of resistance, and access to the Explore The World app for the most immersive workout experience. Sleek and promises a super smooth glide and enhanced digital connectivity.

Assault Fitness AirBike Classic Upright Exercise Bike – Best Overall

What we like

  • Uses Air Resistance for unlimited tension resistance
  • Large user weight capacity
  • Adjustable seat and handles
  • Great full-body trainer
  • Includes Tabata, Intervals, Watts, Heart Rate and other motivational programs

What we don’t like

  • Few complaints of typical quality issues
  • Not for steady-state exercise session

The Assault Airbike is our top pick as you are aware, and it definitely measures up! This stationary bike model is a favorite among CrossFit athletes and other athletes. It’s commercial-grade, so quality is imperative for high performance.  This workout machine is used to improve metabolic conditioning, which allows you to perform longer and high-intensity workouts. It’s also great for fat-burning intervals where you show bouts of high and low-intensity exercise.

Plus, it’s low impact and can be used when rehabbing an injury. But you’re still working against resistance, so you’re maintaining muscle mass as well. Then, of course, if weight loss is your health fitness goal, this bike will allow you to burn plenty of calories. But any of the bikes on our list are high-calorie burners as well.

This model is equipped with an LCD and 7 bike exercise programs for a guided session to help you reach your goals. And these upright bikes steel frame are constructed with twenty sealed ball bearings to ensure durability and smooth riding.  When it comes to the seat is adjustable to six levels for different heights and the machine has wheels for easy transport. The design and function are perfect for the hardcore athlete/fitness lover! Now, it’s a little higher in price but worth it!

Nautilus U618 Upright Exercise Bike – Best Alternative

What we like

  • Adjustable, tilting sightline console with dual backlit screen
  • Heart rate chest strap with contact hand grips
  • 29 customizable workout programs using Explore the World app
  • Flexible both in resistance and height

What we don’t like

  • Bluetooth only for the app but not for the speakers

Our runner-up choice on the list is the Nautilus U618, is a top choice among the fitness crowd for its features, company reputation, and overall value! The adjustable, tilting sight line display console allows you to have a more comfortable and personal on-screen workout experience.

Plus, it comes with a heart rate strap so that you can easily track your heart rate and exertion levels. This model of exercise bike offers workout programs is one of the best features as you can customize your sessions depending on your goals so that you’ll never get bored, whether you’re training for endurance or high-intensity fat loss.

Now, this heavy duty bike does come with in-console speakers, but you can only hook up the Bluetooth feature with the ‘Explore The World’ app. But the app is uber-cool as you can ride through different health fitness scenery in real-time along with others who also use the app.

Well, the different handle positions plus adjustable elbow rests will make sure your experience is still tailored to your comfort. The seats are also gel-cushioned with heavy duty steel frame and belt drive. Not to mention, the incline and resistance controls allow you to adjust the angle and performance level. The U618 magnetic upright exercise bikes offer quite a bit for the price range of less than $700, but it’s easy to see why it’s still a top-notch option!

Exerpeutic Upright Exercise Bike – Best for Compact Spaces

What we like

  • Large LCD for exercise tracking
  • Hand pulse sensor for heart rate monitoring
  • Space-saving or foldable
  • Adjustable height

What we don’t like

  • Several quality concerns
  • Not ideal for either height extremes
  • Seat isn’t the most comfortable.

This is an incredibly popular option and for a good reason. It’s a no-frills, smooth and quiet design with 8 levels of magnetic resistance and a 3-piece crank system belt drive for smooth and quiet pedaling.  Not to mention, this quality, the stationary bike was chosen as a Men’s Health Editor’s Choice and it’s one of the best exercise bikes up to date.

Anyhow, the bike is equipped with a decent-sized but straightforward LCD screen for easy performance monitoring. Plus, its sleek design steel frame is easily foldable to half its size to save space, and it rolls on wheels. The seat is large, adjustable, and comfortable although the height adjustment is most suitable for those 5’3″-6’1″. The Exerpeutic also comes at a very attractive price point of less than $350, it is a win-win for the budget-minded considering the features. This is probably the reason so many fitness enthusiasts have purchased this exercise bike.

Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike – Best Value

What we like

  • Dualtrack LCD with 22 preset workout programs
  • 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Adjustable handles
  • Superb Charging system
  • Cooling fan and water bottle holder

What we don’t like

  • Typical problem of pedal resistance
  • No backlight display

If you haven’t heard of Schwinn, well… the history of the company dates back to the 1800s. But they originally started with bicycles. So as you can imagine, it has a huge following. The Schwinn 130 magnetic upright exercise bike is an excellent value as most users seem to be happy with the features to price ratio. It’s the mid-range option in the Schwinn upright bike series, which is priced under $350.

It’s ergonomic for optimal comfort and training with 20 levels of magnetic resistance for unlimited workout levels. The 20 levels of resistance will definitely help you reach your fitness goal faster. And you also have an LCD with 22 preset workout programs to help you train better.

Plus, it has everything else you need to ensure a comfortable, yet productive workout which includes an adjustable, contoured seat, cooling fan, water bottle holder, and even a USB charging port for your accessories. This is one of the best exercise bikes in the market that is ideal for those who want exercise bikes that are not heavy on the pocket.

ATIVAFIT Upright Exercise Bike – Best Budget

What we like

  • Dualtrack LCD with 22 preset workout programs
  • 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Adjustable handles
  • Superb Charging system
  • Cooling fan and water bottle holder

What we don’t like

  • Typical problem of pedal resistance
  • No backlight display

A top name in fitness equipment, this budget bike from ATIVAFIT is our top option for people not looking to spend a lot. It has a magnetic resistance system of 8 levels for quiet training in addition to other basic features generally found with upright exercise bikes like LCD and hand pulse for easy monitoring.

So, pretty much anyone can turn up the intensity and shed the pounds without breaking the bank. You can have this bike for less than $150, such a win-win, right? ATIVA fit exercise bikes do have a rather large seating capacity, but this can be a convenient feature that makes it appealing to most users. It’s also foldable for secure storage with wheels and has a water bottle holder, which is ideal for easy hydration!

Final Verdict 

When investing in a piece of equipment, it is always smart to go for equipment that lets you do more. The versatility of the Assault Fitness Airbike would still get you the spin and lower body workout that you would expect on a typical indoor cycle. With its moving arms, you can also incorporate your upper body exercises for a robust grind. 

The functional display for stats tracking, although practical in features, does the job well, and the sturdy powder-coated steel finish could withstand years of heavy use. 

At this price point, build and very functional features, in a heartbeat,  this offering from Assault Fitness makes a great addition to your home gym. If you are looking for a heavy-duty exercise bikes for overweight, obese, or heavy persons, you can check out our top 10 picks – Best Exercise Bike For Heavy Person.

What To Look For In An Exercise Bike

Having an exercise bike in your home workout arsenal is great. But having a specific fitness goal in mind would make your indoor cycling exercise enjoyable; plus, you’ll spring up with what useful features would help you achieve them. 

Whether you’re up for HIIT, a low-impact workout, or a cardio exercise recommendation, here’s what generally makes a great upright exercise bike.   

  • Sturdiness and Durability – Indoor bikes should be suitable for users of any weight and can carry you through even the most intense workouts. Consider the bike’s primary materials, weight capacity, and construction. It will also help to read the actual user reviews as we do in Fitboot as a reliable guide in selecting.
  • Resistance – The intensity of the workout depends on the tension on the pedals. Upright bikes usually have buttons instead of manual adjustments, but either leads to a quality workout. Select the ones with easy adjustability to customize according to your training intensity. 
  • Comfort and Adjustability – Most workout injuries are a result of incorrect equipment position. Select a bike that fits your body ergonomically, such as the bike seat and padding, handlebars, pedals, and height. Also, select a quiet piece so it wouldn’t interfere with the ambient environment of your space. Your overall comfort while using the equipment will make for an engaging workout and won’t make you abandon your purchase. 
  • Value for Money – Indoor bikes range from $300 – $3,000. Keep in mind that not all expensive equipment is the best. The best one still depends on your individual fitness goals, overall usability, and user experience.
  • Style – Although this usually decides your purchasing decision, the style and overall design of the indoor bike must not only be functional but also inspiring. In this review, we select those pieces we believe to be offering both that make the investment worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exercising with an indoor bike offers great and varied benefits from effective calorie burning (1,000 Cal per hour), building endurance and lung capacity, to cardio and muscle strength. But the biggest benefit is that it motivates you to work out anytime, at any pace and intensity, even when you are busy.

You can generally get an excellent cardio workout and lose weight with either bike. But upright bikes usually have more technology options to track your metrics like heart rate and calories burned, and it usually comes with higher positioned handlebars and is generally suited for people who enjoy HIIT.

On the other hand, Spin bikes are designed to simulate riding on an actual outdoor bike with usually a manual resistance adjustment.

There are several weight loss apps that you can incorporate into your indoor cycling workout. Select an indoor bike that lets you monitor how many calories you have burned, like the Assault Fitness Air Bike with a functional console. An hour of average resistance cycling generally lets you burn 1,000 calories.

Generally, a 150-minute exercise per week is ideal and how you allocate it daily is entirely up to your control. Depending on your exact fitness goals and capability, bike exercises can be done from 15 minutes to an hour in an appropriate resistance. Given the sound body condition, indoor biking is a safe way to keep you in the right shape. 

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