Dips are a great bodyweight exercise and workout routine that work and target the upper body muscle groups such as the core, pectorals, shoulders, and triceps. In order to get proper form and your dips muscles worked, it is vital that you keep your elbows in by your side and not out wide to minimize stress on the shoulder joint and upper body.

This exercise can be done either under or behind your body weight or with added weights such as a weighted vest, dumbbells held between the knees, handheld dumbbells at arm’s length, placed on a Dips Belt, or suspended from chains. If you are a beginner or without the proper Dip Bar Equipment to carry out the exercise, we have another helpful guide on How To Do Chest Dips At Home.

How To Do Dips:

– Stand between parallel bars

– Grab both bars shoulder-width apart for balance and straighten your arms, locking your elbows.

-Slowly lower your body by bending your arms while leaning forward. Dip down until your elbows are slightly lower than your shoulders while maintaining a straight back.

– Push yourself away from the bars, back up to start position, and repeat for reps.

How To Do Assisted Dips:

– With both ends of the Resistance Band in both hands, jump up on your parallel bars. 

– Hang your shins on the resistance band and hold firmly onto the handles.

– With your core tight while performing the exercise, slowly lower yourself down against the resistance with your elbows bent to a 90-degree angle or until your elbows are slightly below your shoulders.

– Slowly push yourself back up to starting position. Repeat for reps.

Dips Benefits:

– Dips are a compound movement which means they work and target multiple muscle groups of the upper body at once. These include the chest, shoulders, and triceps. And dips are beneficial in toning up your upper body muscles. 

– Dips are an “active” exercise, and it engages the muscles of your arms and lower body, which require more oxygen to function. Your heart rate will increase while performing dips, improving your cardiovascular fitness.

– Dips can help to strengthen a weak point when lifting. If you find a specific exercise strenuous on your pectorals or triceps, dips can help improve your strength levels and enhance your lifting performance. The same benefit can be applied to exercises similar to bench presses, where dips effectively strengthen your pulls or presses. 

– Dips are versatile because you can adjust the difficulty level by adding weights, using different grips, or even changing your hand positions on the bars! This makes dips an ideal exercise because it helps create balance and symmetry in your body.

– Dips are also convenient because they can be done at home without requiring any special equipment. All you would need is a stable anchor about as high as your waist that you would typically find in your home. Sturdy chairs, benches, balusters, and even tables can be good alternatives, provided that they can withstand your weight and are steady enough to support your movements.

Dips Side Effects:

– Like any other exercise, if performed in poor form, it may lead to injury. To avoid this, ensure you keep your body upright and hips low to avoid unnecessary strain on the shoulders.

– Trying dips with too much weight or starting out too quickly can cause injury. Proper dips should be performed steadily over time and allow your body to build strength gradually.

Dips Muscles Worked:

When done correctly, dips help boost your strength levels on exercises like bench presses and aid in balancing the body’s symmetry due to their compound movements while increasing muscle fiber activation. Dips will help to strengthen your pectorals, front deltoids (shoulders), triceps brachii (back of arms), and core muscles.


Lastly, dips are an effective bodyweight exercise involving multiple muscle groups at once and can be carried out anywhere with little to no special equipment needed, making them very efficient!

 If you have no a Dip Bar at home, dips can be performed with any two objects of the same height and are close enough to do the exercise. If you decide to add weights to your dips, we recommend you slow down your movement before returning to the starting position to maximize resistance. You may consider having a Power Tower as it is an all-in-one equipment that not only allows you to perform perfect dips but a full-body workout. Plus, it is very affordable!

Make sure to plan your workout routine properly. Set your target right and not over exert on this exercise. Let’s get dipping.

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