Toning your upper body muscles will become a piece of cake when you have a portable dip bar in your home gym. Portable dip bars are essential as they effectively strengthen your upper and lower back, as well as your triceps, shoulders, and chest. When done properly and regularly, weighted dips can also bring more muscle mass to your upper body.

After comparing several portable dip bars available in the market today, we conclude that the ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station is the best out there. This dip station has a weight capacity of 330 pounds and is made from heavy-duty steel. The ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station also comes with suction cups at the bottom that ensures your safety and stability when working out. 

In this article, we’ll give you ten of the best portable dip bars today. We hope that our detailed review will give you a better idea of which portable dip station is perfect for your home gym.

Best Portable Dip Bars at a Glance


It has an adjustable height feature, allowing users of all ages to use the equipment. Thanks to its high-quality steel construction, this is definitely a heavy-duty dip station that’s tough to beat!

ProsourceFit Dip Stand Station

For less than $70, it offers rubber feet to prevent the equipment from slipping as you do your dip bar workout. This dip station also offers a stabilizing safety connector that extends up to 23 inches.

Lebert Fitness Dip Bar Stand

An excellent choice if you have very little space because it only measures 28” x 21¾” x 16” (height x inside width x base). These free-standing, separate bars come in two sizes and are made from top-grade materials.

ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station – Best Overall

What we like

  • Armrests, backrests, and handles feel comfortable
  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with decent 330 lbs. capacity 
  • Maximum height of 88.6 inches or 225 cm.

What we don’t like

  • Armrests are short for taller people
  • It tends to wobble when used by heavier people (those weighing more than 230 pounds)

The ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station tops our list because of different factors. This dip station has a heavy-duty steel structure that can support up to 330 pounds. This good portable dip bar stand has suction cups that remain flat once they contact the ground.

Another unique feature we love about the ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station is its adjustable height, ranging from 58.5 to 88.6 inches. This is one of the reasons why this dip station is ideal for different ages, shapes, and sizes. 

With the ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station, you can try out different types of workouts: triceps dips, modified push-ups, and pull-ups. Unlike other dip bars, this dip station only measures 59 x 35.4 x 29.8 inches, suitable for compact home gyms. 

Although you can do several arm exercises with the ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station, some find the armrest of this equipment quite short. This will make it very challenging for people taller than 6’2 to perform bodyweight exercises.

ProSource Fit Dip Stand Station – Best Budget

What we like

  • Affordable for a multi-function dip 
  • Foam grips provide comfort as you build muscles 
  • Equipped with rubber feet to prevent slipping

What we don’t like

  • Heavier users find the equipment to be shaky
  • The knob used to adjust the length of the bars is low-quality

The ProSourceFit Dip Stand Station makes it to our list because it has a weight limit of 400 pounds and only measures 16 x 24 x 31 inches. This portable dip bar stand is a must-buy because it comes with rubber feet as its non-slip foot pads and safety connector that extends the length of the bars up to 23 ¼ inches. 

Another thing we love about the  ProSourceFit Dip Stand Station is its foam grips, allowing you to remain comfortable as you perform L sits, inverted rows, and varieties of push-ups. Since it’s powder coated and made from sturdy iron tubes, this heavy-duty dip stand will surely last long! 

We would love the brand to improve its stability as the equipment tends to shake or wobble when used by heavier individuals. We believe that the ProSourceFit Dip Stand Station will rank higher in our next reviews if this area is improved. 

Lebert Fitness Equalizer – Best for Small Spaces

What we like

  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Generous 400 lbs. capacity
  • Textured feet to prevent sliding
  • It comes with a free instructional DVD

What we don’t like

  • Only has one height option
  • Some users complain that the equipment tends to wobble

If you have very little space in your home gym, good news — the Lebert Fitness Equalizer is an excellent option for you. This portable dip bar comes in two sizes, small (38” x 21¾” x 16”) and extra-large (31” x 21¾” x 18”). This equalizer dip station has a weight limit of 400 pounds and offers superior stability and durability as its made from heavy-duty stainless steel. 

The Lebert Fitness Equalizer supports over 100 workouts as you can use it for pull-ups, knee raises, push-ups, and L sits. The two separate bars of the equalizer dip station have durable foam grips and use an ergonomic design for optimal wrist comfort when working out. 

The Lebert Fitness Equalizer doesn’t have an adjustable height, but for its features and size, we still believe that this equipment is an excellent buy.

BalanceForm MultiFunction Dip Stand – Best Durable

What we like

  • Durable and can support up to 500 pounds of weight
  • Offers lower handles for advanced tricep dips and ring dips
  • Non-slip foot pads and does not wobble
  • Affordable

What we don’t like

  • Bulky compared to other dip bars
  • The width between the handles might be challenging for beginners to do dips

Because of your body weight, most dip bars will eventually bend or collapse — but not the BalanceForm MultiFunction Dip Stand. This portable dip bar makes it to our review as being the most durable because it’s made from premium steel and can support up to 500 pounds. While it may not be sleek and elegant in design, this dip stand is made rugged for a robust workout.

Another feature we love about the BalanceForm MultiFunction Dip Stand is its adjustable height: from 15 to 51 inches. This dip stand is also multi-functional as it supports different exercises, such as push-ups, leg raises, bench press, and several upper body workouts. 

Due to its built, the balanceForm Multifunction Dip Stand isn’t made to be portable. If you are looking for a dip bar that you can fix in your home gym, this is surely a mainstay.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station – Best for Lightweight Users

What we like

  • Cost-effective for its price
  • Ideal for short and petite users
  • With safety connector and non-slip bars
  • It can be stored easily

What we don’t like

  • Not ideal for weighted dips or heavier users
  • Complicated and time-consuming assembly

One of the best features we love about the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station is that it’s small-scale. The dimensions of this dip station (45.5 x 26.5 x 29.5 inches) are ideal for shorter users and women in general. This equipment has a durable steel frame and supports up to 250 pounds. 

Unlike other dip bars, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station has a safety connector that allows you to contract and extend the bar from 20 to 28 inches. Its non-slip handles will also help you perform dips and elevated push-ups without any hand fatigue or discomfort. 

Because of its lightweight, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6507 Dip Station isn’t the best option for weighted dips. But if this routine isn’t part of your dip bar workout, this dip station should be on top of your list.

TradeMark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station – Best Portable

What we like

  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • It comes with suspension rings so you can try out new bodyweight exercises 
  • Easy to put together

What we don’t like

  • Doesn’t fold
  • It doesn’t offer adjustable width or height options

If you love to work out in different locations — in your home gym today and then in your patio the following week  — the TradeMark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station is an excellent option. This is the most lightweight portable dip station on our list, weighing 17.5 pounds only. 

Although the TradeMark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station is lightweight and compact (33.5 x 23.5 x 2.5 inches), it doesn’t compromise comfort and efficacy. This dip station still offers comfortable foam padding for optimal gripping and maximum comfort. It’s also easy to assemble and has rubber feet to ensure that your floors are protected as you work out. 

One downside of the TradeMark Innovations Fitness Training Dip Station is that it can’t be folded. But if you’re working out every day, this shouldn’t be a problem as you likely won’t need to store this dip station anyways!

SportsRoyals Dip Bar (Adjustable Parallel Bar) – Best Splurge

What we like

  • Quick adjustable 6 height positions for a variety of users
  • NBR thick non-slip foam handgrips
  • Robust build of thick metal pipes with stable feet
  • Sleek and clean finish
  • Impressive 1200 lbs. weight capacity

What we don’t like

  • Assembly is time-consuming, and the manual isn’t very informative
  • Pricy

Do you want to build the most effective and functional home gym? Are you willing to spend money to achieve that goal? If you want to splurge for your home gym equipment, invest in the SportsRoyals Dip Bar (Adjustable Parallel Bar) as soon as possible. 

The SportsRoyals Dip Bar has a weight capacity of 1200 pounds, ideal for heavier users or individuals who want to focus on performing weight-bearing exercises. This dip bar has dimensions of 30.5 x 14.5 x 7.5 inches and is made with nitrile butadiene rubber or NBR. Its handgrips are made from high elasticity NBR materials, which are very flexible to avoid slips and hand pressure when working out. 

Another noteworthy feature of the SportsRoyals Dip Bar is that it comes with an adjustable height. You can choose from six different height levels to make your knee raises, tricep dips, L sits, handstand push-ups, and elevated push-ups more challenging. 

Although the Sportsroyals Dip Bar requires time and effort for its assembly, the number of features you can enjoy from it will surely be worth it! Just thinking about the variety of bodyweight exercises you can do with this dip bar will surely keep you going!

Komsurf Dip Bars – Best for Calisthenics

What we like

  • Acceptable 550 lbs. capacity 
  • Adjustable height and width for lateral exercises
  • Small footprint and easy to install and store
  • Durable and thick steel pipes with non-rust coating

What we don’t like

  • Bars a bit shorter 
  • Tends to be shaky when used by heavier users

We believe that the Komsurf Dip Bars is one of the best portable dip bars because it allows you to work out using as much weight as possible. 

This heavy-duty dip stand can support up to 550 pounds and has dimensions of 28.4 x 28.1 x 4 inches. Its thickened steel construction also guarantees stability and ensures safety as you’re working out. With these dip bars, you can do a variety of dips, pull-ups, push-ups, bench presses, and even back, arm, and chest strengthening exercises. 

It features 7-inch height and 5-inch width adjustability for more roomy lateral movements like calisthenics. 

The Komsurf Dip Bars advertised that they could hold up to 550 pounds of weight, but we felt that the equipment could only support less.

Amazon Basics Body Press Dip Bar – Best for Beginners

What we like

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Simple and uncomplicated dip bar
  • Lightweight 
  • Slip-resistant foam grip all the way through

What we don’t like

  • Won’t hold up a lot of weight
  • Basic design

For beginners who don’t have any experience in using portable dip bars, the Amazon Basics Body Press Dip Bar is a good dip bar to start with. This portable dip bar can support up to 330 pounds of weight and has dimensions of 34.56 x 29.52 x 39.37 inches. Unlike other portable dip bars, the Amazon Basics Body Press Dip Bar is made of high-quality steel and then finished in a sleek silver color. 

With the Amazon Basics Body Press Dip Bar, beginners won’t have any problems performing knee raises, leg raises, ring dips, and tricep dips. Its slip-free grips made of cushioning foam also ensure comfort regardless of the duration and intensity of your workouts. 

The Amazon Basics Body Press Dip Bar only supports 330 pounds of weight, so if you’re on the heavier side, it’s best to look for other options.

Fuel Performance Deluxe Dip Station –  Best for CrossFit Training

What we like

  • Easy assemble
  • It comes with ring handles for added versatility
  • Minimalist design with smooth finish and construction
  • Ideal for CrossFit exercises

What we don’t like

  • Plastic feet
  • Not the best option for taller users

If you’re a CrossFit trainer who loves to do tons of workouts using rings, the Fuel Performance Deluxe Dip Station is for you. This dip station can support up to 300 pounds and has dimensions of 26.77 x 22.05 x 35.63 inches. It comes in sturdy stainless steel construction and has a powder coat finish to ensure durability and longevity. 

Its minimalistic pass-thru design is ideal for a variety of complex workouts that require swift movements with no distraction.

With the Fuel Performance Deluxe Dip Station, you can take your workouts up a notch by using the ring handles to do more challenging chest flyers, pull-ups, and chest dips. Its angled grips also allow you to target your triceps and chest.

Our Verdict

After looking into several portable dip bars, we conclude that the ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station is the clear winner. Unlike most dip bars, the ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station combines the functionality of a pull-up and dip stand, allowing you to perform different workouts. 

We believe that the ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station is the right dip bar for beginners and pros because it offers nine levels of height adjustments and four levels of backrest adjustments. Building chest muscles using your own bodyweight will come off easier with this equipment! A runner-up on our list of the top portable dip bars is the ProSource Fit Dip Stand Station. This dip stand station has a weight limit of 400 pounds with dimensions of 16 x 24 x 31 inches. Its powder-coated, sturdy iron tubes ensure that you remain safe and comfortable as you work out on your chest, core, shoulders, and triceps.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Dip Bar For Your Home Gym

Are you still on the lookout for an excellent portable dip bar but don’t know how to narrow down your options? Do you want to have one of the best portable dip stations for your home gym? If you answered “yes” to these questions, this section is written especially for you. 

Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for the best dip bar:


For you to end up buying the best portable dip bar, consider the height. This is one of the most important factors to consider because a portable dip station that’s too short or tall can cause injuries. 

If you’re below six feet, the best portable dip bars for you are the ones that are 31 inches or less. If you’re more than six feet tall, look for a portable dip bar that’s at least 33 inches high. 

Weight Capacity

Always check the weight capacity of the dip bar you’re eyeing to buy. Generally, portable dip bars with a lesser weight limit can wobble after long-term use. Conversely, a dip station with a high weight limit can be maximized with a weighted dip belt, allowing you to develop stronger chest muscles and stronger triceps. 

Width Between Bars

For you to perform dips correctly, your arms should be close to your body at all times. This is especially important when doing tricep dips. If you want to tone or build your chest, you can perform dips with arms slightly away from your body. 

It’s best to invest in a portable dip bar with adjustable width. This unique feature enables you to perform different types of dips without compromising your form or safety. 

Grip Quality

Dip bars often have rubber or foam grips that you can easily hold during your dip bar workout. These materials are thick and can provide optimal support. However, they can be challenging to hold if they’re too thick, especially if you have small hands. 

Consider how the foam grips feel to ensure comfort as you’re using the exercise equipment. Bodyweight exercises can be tougher if the foam grips are too thick or don’t have any texture on them. 


Lightweight dip bars are great for traveling but are usually less stable than heavier dip bars. Heavier dip bars are more stable, which means that you don’t have to worry about the fitness equipment sliding around or tipping over when in use. 

Additionally, you should also consider the assembly process of the drip bars, as this will affect their stability. See to it that everything lines up correctly and the screws feel secure. A complicated assembly process usually results in a wobbly dip station. 

Material and Finish

The best portable drip bars are made from heavy-duty steel. Although portable dip bars made from plastic are portable and often cheaper, this material is less durable and doesn’t hold as much weight as a heavy-duty steel structure. 

When buying a set of metal bars, make sure that the material is powder-coated. Portal dip bars with powder-coated finish don’t rust easily. 

Portability and Storage

If you have very little space in your home gym, search for a dip bar that’s easily collapsable. In this way, you can fold the exercise equipment when it’s not in use and set it against the wall or store it inside your closet. You can also consider wall-mounted dip bars, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dip bar is an excellent home gym equipment that primarily targets the upper body muscles. When you execute bodyweight exercises in dip stations, you can tone and strengthen your triceps, anterior delts, pectoralis major, and anconeus muscle. 

Since dip bars are versatile, you can only use them to target other muscle groups. For instance, by doing several reps of inverted rows in a dip bar, you can strengthen your back muscles and biceps. Doing L sits, and modified planks in a dip station can also improve your core muscles. 

The ReLife Rebuild Your Life Dip Station is definitely the best dip bar today. It contains all of the features you’ll need to have the most effective and efficient dip bar workout: from suction cups, sturdy construction, safety locknuts, and nine levels of height adjustment. 

Investing in this multi-function dip station to perform different workouts, such as elevated push-ups, dip stands, and knee raises easily.

On average, the best dip bars cost anywhere from $50 to as much as  $300 depending on the brand, material, and size. However, the final price of this exercise equipment is often determined by different factors, namely its weight capacity, color, material, construction, and aftersales. Keep in mind that not all expensive dip bars are the best. It helps to look into the key specifications as sometimes, the best items are actually affordably priced.

 Yes, building a dip station in your home gym is a smart investment. This home gym equipment is a must-have because it’s very versatile and can be used for different types of exercises. Dip bars also come in a wide variety of styles, so you can easily find one that suits your unique needs, preferences, and budget. 

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, such as how frequently it’s used and the durability of its materials. But in general, the average lifespan of portable dip bars ranges between 7 to 15 years. 

Portable dip bars that are often used in their maximum weight capacity and without regular maintenance have shorter lifespans

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