The resistance band can be used as part of a full workout or on its own and is the perfect addition to your home gym tools.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, resistance band chest workouts can be extremely beneficial. They allow you to perform high-intensity training but also maximize the time you spend working out. If you only have 30 minutes available to train, doing a resistance band workout will allow you to get the most out of your limited time. We highly recommend getting the Resistance Band Wall Anchors and having them installed on the wall for those who prefer to have a safe and secure anchor point to perform the resistance band chest workout at home.

Because of its versatility, there are many different resistance band workouts that target different muscle groups you can try. And in this article, we will focus on one, the resistance band chest workout. Below are six effective chest workouts you can try with your handy Resistance Band.

6 Resistance Band Chest Workouts

1. Resistance Band Push-Up

How to do it

Loop the resistance band around your back right under the armpits. Adjust the band to make sure both sides are equally balanced, and tuck in your hands to tighten. Get onto a plank position with your legs straightened long.

Begin the exercise by slowly lowering your chest close to the ground and press back up by straightening your arms. Repeat for reps.

2. Resistance Band Floor Press

How to do it

Begin by lying down face up, with the resistance band looped under your back, positioned lower than your shoulder to prevent it from hitting your neck.

Take the ends of your resistance band and grip them with your hands, being careful not to let the band slip. Resistance bands with handles are safer and more comfortable.

In this position, pull the resistance band up vertically and fully extend your arms, keeping your hands at shoulder height and your wrist straight. Ensure that you are squeezing your chest muscles together while keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders.

3. Resistance Band Row

How to do it

Begin in a seating down position with your legs stretching forward. With your hands on both ends, anchor the resistance band under both of your feet.

Keep your back and shoulder straight, chest out and pull both ends of the resistance band together. Pull the band with elbows, bend close to a 90-degree angle, and feel the squeeze on the chest. Gradually release, and repeat.

4. Resistance Band Crossover Fly

How to do it

Secure your band to a post or a door at waist height. The grip on both handles with your back to the post, stand three to four feet away, arms in slight bend, elbows even with your shoulders. With your legs staggered, slightly bend your knees and pull both ends of the resistance band together.

Outstretch both arms fully in front of you before crossing them at the wrists (like an X).

Keep this position as you bring your arms back towards each other until they touch again in front of you, ensuring that they are always outstretched throughout the movement. Repeat this process ten times.

5. Resistance Band Fly

How to do it

Stand with your legs staggered, slightly bend your knees and pull both ends of the resistance band together to the desired resistance.

Keeping your elbows slightly bent at shoulder height, extend both arms fully in front of you, squeezing your chest, then slowly bringing them back parallel to your shoulder. Repeat this process ten times.

6. Staggered Stance Resistance Band Incline Press

How to do it

Begin by standing with your legs in a staggered stance; the resistance band slung under your back foot.

Slightly bend your front leg, knee and elbows close to your body, bring both ends of the resistance band to your shoulder level.

Extend both arms fully in an incline position, forward and out, keeping your arms slightly bent, and release back slowly. Repeat this process ten times. Ensure that you engage your core and chest throughout the exercise to maintain proper form.


For a simple yet effective exercise that allows you to perform many different variations of exercises anywhere, anytime, look no further than this resistance band chest workout. It is quick and easy to follow, and it will help you maximize your muscle growth and burn calories. Give it a try today!

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