When it comes to weight loss, some people find it harder than others. This is why the weight loss product industry is once again currently in one of its ‘boom’ periods. For example, a lot of beverage products have now jumped on the fitness bandwagon and promise assistance when it comes to shedding off some of that body weight. Beverages that contain L-carnitine, for example, touts that can help burn fat faster.

Another eye-catching fitness drink that is making the rounds right now is Diet Water. What is diet water? Yes, you heard that right, diet water is a thing now. As crazy as that sounds, several manufacturers are currently offering this type of product to consumers. One of the most well-known is the Sapporo Diet Water. Just like most fitness buffs, this product caught my eye the moment I glanced at it during my grocery shopping.

It piqued my curiosity which is marketing 101. So, now I took it upon myself to do some tests as to just how effective this new type of fitness drink truly is. Let us take a closer look at this, quite outlandish new beverage and figure out just how effective it is when it comes to weight loss.

What is Diet Water? (Sapporo)

As a primer for those not familiar with Sapporo (the brand and not the place), they are a beer manufacturing company that is quite well-known in this market. They are now trying their hand in offering a wider variety of drinks for consumers, case in point, the diet water.

But how does diet water work? Isn’t ordinary water enough for those who are looking to lose some weight? As their marketing for Diet Water points out, it contains a special type of peptide bond that targets fat cells via the bloodstream. What you need to remember here is that I have searched online for any studies that can back this claim up and up until this writing I can only say that it is still pending.

Does this mean that Sapporo Diet Water does not work? Well, it has gained some popularity in the fitness world and some individuals swear that this helped them shed some weight. This support from a good chunk of people (no pun intended) does give it some form of credence. Personally, I think it pretty much has the same effect as drinking ordinary water. But maybe that is because I’m already actively working out daily.

Does it Actually Work?

This is actually a tricky question to answer because plain water can already help you lose weight so a Diet Water should offer the same results. The Sapporo Diet Water is basically vitamin water that became all the rage a couple of years back. Similar to Vitamin Water, Sapporo Diet Water offers no calories and is infused with nutrients and vitamins.

Does it work though? Well, as it with all weight-loss diets and products, it won’t work unless you make some changes to your diet and lifestyle. Drinking this alone will not give you the desired results. You need to put in the hours working out and eating healthy.

This is exactly the reason why I am on the fence with this type of product. Why not just drink plain water? It’s basically free after all. Well, I believe Diet Water might be a good alternative for those who prefer something that would somewhat satisfy their palate.  It does have a unique flavor to it that might be a nice alternative to drinking plain old water after working out.

To answer the question, yes, it does work. But do not expect this to be some type of miracle concoction that will magically make you lose weight. Think of it as just a simple alternative to plain water. If you want something that actually has a taste while is still basically water, Sapporo Diet Water might be something you could be interested in.

Any Alternatives Available?

Not surprisingly enough, there are several available ‘diet water’ from different manufacturers available in the market today. As you might expect, Sapporo Diet Water is pretty much exclusive here in Japan and is extremely difficult to find anywhere else. For those who live in a different country, you might want to check out these alternative diet waters.

Skinny Water

If you enjoy something sweet but need to watch your calorie intake then Skinny Water might be a good choice. It offers zero calories and comes in 9 different flavors. It is marketed to have detoxifying properties as well as offering an energy boost. Is it effective? Well, similar to Diet Water, drinking this alone and doing nothing else will yield zero results. It’s sweet and has zero calories, that is pretty much the gist of it.

Fitness Water

It is marketed as being able to rehydrate your body better than plain old water. It is rather pricey compared to the rest of its competition so it better be telling the truth. What I didn’t like here is that it uses artificial sweeteners so this is basically flavored water with some slight benefits.


This one is different than the rest in this list as it is in powder form that you mix into your water to ‘enhance’ its properties. What Mio offers is a dash of flavor and a decent number of vitamins and minerals into your drinking water.

As you can see, the three alternatives pretty much offer the same qualities and results. I will still put drinking plain water at the top for those who want to lose weight though. However, there is one alternative to Sapporo Diet Water that might actually be worth your time.

Sparkling Water

The best alternative I can find is definitely sparkling water. If you find sparkling water that is carbonated without the use of artificial flavoring, sugar, or sodium then you have something good on your hands. Sparkling water is basically water but is infused with carbon dioxide. It has zero calories and no artificial ingredients.

Diet Water Plus Water Diet Plan

If you wish to use diet water then it is best you incorporate the water diet plan to optimize results. Intermittent fasting is one way you can lose weight via a water diet plan. Intermittent fasting requires you to drink water exclusively for 16 hours. This means no food during these 16 hours. After that, you can start eating normally for the next 8 hours and then switch back to water only for the next 16 hours.

That 16 hours period is to allow your body to burn as much fat as possible and to detox your body by drinking water. By giving your body enough time to properly digest food, it should, in effect, help in weight loss.

By drinking only water for most of the day, your body can focus on digesting and burning fat without being hindered. Drinking water can also help detoxify your body, even more so if you are not eating or eating properly during the day.

I highly suggest you incorporate the water diet and start the 16-hour fasting mid-day or in the afternoon. Your body starts detoxifying itself during sleep so drink plenty of water a couple of hours before hitting the bed. This should give your body a headstart during the detox process. Now you understand why sleep is essential if you want to lose weight.

Alternatives to water include diet water and tea. As long as they are all-natural and contains zero to minimum calories then it’ll do. You should also incorporate at least 30 to 45 minutes of exercise every day to truly make the most out of this diet plan.

Would I Recommend Diet Water?

Here is the thing, as long as it does not have any artificial flavoring, completely healthy, and is cheap, then why not? This is basically water, after all. It is simply water infused with certain vitamins and nutrients that, in theory, can assist in weight loss. Well, plain water will do the same but if you want a touch of flavor then diet water is a good alternative.

Final Thoughts

I have use diet water and vitamin water from time to time to shake the monotony of drinking plain water after working out. While I will still hold plain water as the best choice to rehydrate yourself after working out, I won’t take away anything from diet water. It has its niche and it is rather popular so it must be doing something right. If you want to try it, go ahead. Just make sure you won’t pay an exuberant amount per bottle. Remember, it is basically just water with a few twists.

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